Kim Kardashian - Rob Crying in Family Therapy

Last week’s episode was an emotional one for us all. I hate seeing my brother cry, or any of my family members, so it’s always hard looking back on clips like this.

Every family has its fair share of problems, and for our family it’s important for us to talk them through. We’re very honest with each other, which is sometimes the cause of our arguments, but we always work it out because nothing is more important than family.

Watch tonight’s episode on E! at 9.8c Xo


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  1. ba.hoops25  |   Posted on Sep 2nd, 2012

    Last weeks episode almost made me tear up ,but I’m glad you guys worded it out. I can’t wait to watch tonight !

  2. kylorii  |   Posted on Sep 2nd, 2012

    Video isn’t working for me. I keep getting this message:

    Sorry, the content you’re looking for cannot be found.

    Anyway, I think your family is too hard on you, and I think you are all too hard on Rob. He appears to be going deeper and deeper with depression. I think you all should try to help him rather than tell him its not your job to help him. It kinda is, he’s family.

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  3. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Sep 2nd, 2012

    Happy Sunday Everyone. Kim, can’t wait to the two part episode of Keeping Up. Looks like an interesting and heartfelt episode. This has been the best season of Keeping Up yet. xo

    • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Sep 2nd, 2012

      i can’t see this video but i will watch tonight. Family is important you are so right. we all fight but that is what brings us closer in the end. i love watching your show.

  4. lifeapprentice  |   Posted on Sep 2nd, 2012

    I’m looking forward to this episode. Rob’s a good guy, I think he’s got a lot of potential but seems to me he needs a more focus and goals for himself. I can imagine it’s not easy living around so many super successful people if you keep comparing yourself them them, but at the same time it’s such a blessing. I would love to be able to hang around all of them. I learn SO MUCH from them just by watching the show. Imagine how much more you’d learn from just following them around for a day or so!

  5. addictedtokimk  |   Posted on Sep 2nd, 2012

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  6. addictedtokimk  |   Posted on Sep 2nd, 2012

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  7. jamie22  |   Posted on Sep 2nd, 2012

    I thought your points were valid Kim. No one says anything about the (disrespectful) way Khloe & Rob talk to you. Double standards & hypocrisy at its finest. I hope you’re able to articulate your feelings well in this epi. Ignore the haters.

  8. jaimeallen  |   Posted on Sep 2nd, 2012

    that episode made me cry. I hope you all worked it out!!
    I understand where rob is coming from, i am in a similar position where everyone around me is succeeding and im just feeling useless.. DON’T WORRY ROB IT WILL GET BETTER, have faith in yourself. The rest of you need to help him realize he has potential and he can do it. dont be so hard on him, he’s your baby brother – the only one you have !


  9. Debra Keener  |   Posted on Sep 2nd, 2012

    I watched it last week. The only persons that looked concerned was Kourtney and Khloe. Kim and Chris wouldnt even get up to go check on him. Being a mother if my son was upset, I would be beside him….just saying.

    • ivyleague  |   Posted on Sep 2nd, 2012

      Yea, that episode made me a little sad too. And as a mother, I would have been the first up to see about my child when he was hurting as he was. Neither Kim nor her mother looked too concerned which I found rather disconcerting. Anyway, WORDS HURT! Wounds heal but the psychological effects of words can last a life time. Lighten up a little on Rob,. He just needs to know that you guys appove of him. He loves you all and it means the world to him when you all are proud of him and show it. Look at how much he self esteem was raised on DWTS. Just saying……

  10. Lupe de Moreno  |   Posted on Sep 2nd, 2012

    Sometimes u don’t need to say wat u are just meet her first befor telling what you do for a living.!:)

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