Kim Kardashian Blonde Hair Don't Care

Blonde hair don’t care


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  1. mariana15  |   Posted on Aug 24th, 2012

    OMG Kimmie, are you? If it is, you look gorgeous! I can’t believe! LOVE IT!

    • mary-anne_  |   Posted on Aug 24th, 2012

      Kim , blond or not you are always stunning looking!! Love, love , love you!You are my inspiration, DOll!

    • kikihjdn  |   Posted on Aug 27th, 2012

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  2. Jalen Carvery  |   Posted on Aug 24th, 2012


  3. Kayla Mckeeman  |   Posted on Aug 24th, 2012

    oh no

  4. Paris Di Pasqua  |   Posted on Aug 24th, 2012

    It looks like khloe not kim

  5. Michelle Turner  |   Posted on Aug 24th, 2012

    Curious to see the new do!

  6. Kristel Rodriguez  |   Posted on Aug 24th, 2012

    kimberly you’re so gorgeous!

  7. jeff56  |   Posted on Aug 24th, 2012

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  8. fionaay  |   Posted on Aug 24th, 2012

    kim keep the black hair it suits u more than anything, it makes ur beautiful facial features sand out more , i have black long hair too and tanned skin :P im armenian too

  9. Jasmine Wallace  |   Posted on Aug 24th, 2012

    No Please go back to black hair , im one of your favorite fans and I love your show but please go back to black hair

  10. melanie242  |   Posted on Aug 24th, 2012

    If you did it, i hope it’s like it was in 09, the kinda highlighted dirty blond. Dark hair is so much better though!!

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