Kim Kardashian Bikini Photos Miami Beach Jonathan Cheban Agent Provocateur

On a recent trip to Miami, Jonathan and I headed to the beach for a little relaxation time. Always nice to get away for a few days, relax and regroup before getting back to the work grind.

Style Snapshot: I’m wearing an Agent Provocateur bikini.

Pics from Splash


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  1. jmontilla  |   Posted on Aug 7th, 2012

    Your body is so Fab!!!

    • .:: ♥ ♥ Mara ♥ ♥ ::.  |   Posted on Aug 7th, 2012

      Work it Kimmie, you look great!!! xo

    • jeff12345  |   Posted on Aug 7th, 2012

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  2. chrisphoenix  |   Posted on Aug 7th, 2012

    I need to get back off this for a awhile. But I needed to tell you, you look awesome. I just feel sorry for you . The last time I refered to my girlfriend as a b – - – h was the last time I spoke to her. He writes a song about you and refers you to being a B – - – h? Come on, wake up and smell the air, there is something foul out there and it isn’t me. Hope your weekend is fun and safe. Write to you, maybe next week or the week after.

    • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Aug 7th, 2012

      . the song is cute. he obviously does not mean it in a rude way. you read waaaaay to much into things.

    • jeck123  |   Posted on Aug 7th, 2012

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  3. Hello kim! My name is mea and im 25 years old. Im currently living in Richmond Va but im from Chesapeake va and raised in Norfolk va. I came too Richmond about 9 years ago just for a positive change within my life. Since then, i have had my up’s and down’s but finally have gotten too a content point within myself and my life. However, I have just one goal that I yet have been able too acieve. I am Artist and have been singing R&B and Pop for 12 years on and off each phase of my life. I have done it professional and non – professional but have never been discovered by the right individual/producer. I guess time just wont right ….. I guess my point in saying this is I look at u, and i see a beautiful women with so much talent and a gift too make a world a better place. I think thats such a blessing and i tip my hat off too ya! Defintly inspiring. Too be honest, Im not a crazed fan. Im just layed back and chill. ya know? lol! Im a cool person but when its time too be professional, then thats what it is. Expecially when it comes too my music. …..Anyway. Guess I gotta cut this letter short! lol!!!! I kno u like damn she writing a book. Lol! My aopoligies. So much say but cant but so much. Well. Kim, i wish i had could had met u. Bet we would had been like real cool with each other. We kinda alike. Would like too hear back from u soon. Maybe at sum point, I will make it big and get too meet u then. :) Well luv, til next time … Take Care. Just in case …. U can contact me by my email : or my number at : 804-475-3469.

  4. sweetie  |   Posted on Aug 7th, 2012

    lo0ve it kimmie, gorgeous :), home you do a free give away soon :D

  5. ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Aug 7th, 2012

    Kim! your body is perfection. you can definitely tell that you have been working out like crazzzzy. i want a body like yours. you go girl. you look great!

  6. tribe of judah  |   Posted on Aug 7th, 2012

    Kiwi who is that with???

  7. iphy  |   Posted on Aug 7th, 2012

    I till ve d same lovin spirit. No mata Wα̲̅†̥ pple say love

  8. ruhiiii  |   Posted on Aug 7th, 2012

    That bikini is so freakin cute! I am going to purchase!!

  9. mcook2  |   Posted on Aug 7th, 2012

    Hello Kim,
    I am usually not the type of person to write on celebrity pages or walls because in my eyes no matter how famous someone may be I am also well aware of the fact that everyone is also human and that fame does not make the person. My sister and I LOVE watching the Kardashians and feel so involved in it. We laugh at the fact the we watch your show and are so into to it that we sound crazy hahahahahaha. Thank you guys for letting the cameras in to your home and letting us all see you guys. Anyways Thank You!!!.

  10. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Aug 7th, 2012

    Kim, your body is amazing. These pictures just made my day. Happy you enjoyed my beautiful city of Miami, we love/adore you and your family here. Hate that I didn’t have the opportunity to meet you in person but that day will come and it will be a dream come true. KW is a very lucky man to have such an awesome and talented women as yourself who has the most banging body in the World. Love you so much Doll!!!!!!! Xoxoxo

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