Hey dolls!! You might remember me blogging about these amazing sisters, Kendall and Libby Glazer, who created their own gorgeous jewelry line, Stoney Clover Lane, and have donated thousands of dollars from their sales to Dream Foundation. Well, Kendall and Libby have opened a pop up shop in Beverly Hills just for the month of July. I only just found out about it, but if you’re in the area you still have time to stop by!

The shop is at 417 N. Beverly Drive and you can shop their fun bracelets, with proceeds benefitting the Dream Foundation! A huge thanks to Kendall and Libby for all of their hard work and compassion. I am honored to have inspired them to donate to Dream Foundation and think it’s hugely admirable that they would give up part of their proceeds to help others! Xo


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  1. ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Jul 26th, 2012

    i like the bracelets. i wish them much success

  2. anacristina-xo  |   Posted on Jul 26th, 2012

    this is so beautiful ! and im really interested in buying a bracelet and supporting them !

  3. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Jul 26th, 2012

    Happy Thursday Everyone. Kim, love the bracelets. So cute and colorful. Wish them much success.

  4. Erinn Lynch  |   Posted on Jul 26th, 2012

    On behalf of Dream Foundation, thank you Kim for generating so much great awareness around our service and connecting us with the “fashionable compassion” of Kendall, Libby and Stoney Clover Lane! Many dreams come true through your collective efforts! We heart you!

  5. tishcyrus  |   Posted on Jul 26th, 2012

    I have known these girls for several years now and they are truly amazing. They have worked very hard to get their business up and going. The fact they donate proceeds to Dream Foundation makes me love them even more. My daughters and I both adore them.
    So……….. If you have the chance this week go visit them at their Popup Store at 417 N. Beverly Dr. in Beverly Hills. This is their last week their before they head back to school!

  6. sarahl1023  |   Posted on Jul 26th, 2012

    this is truly inspiring.. wow these 2 girls could be doing WHATEVER they want with their summer and entire year but they choose to dedicate their time to the Dream Foundation that is amazing! I can only hope that other teens and young girls see this and learn from Kendall and Libby! Great job girls!

  7. Cindy Mazzurco  |   Posted on Jul 26th, 2012

    Really loving the bracelets!!!! :):)

  8. Yanica Rosemarie  |   Posted on Jul 26th, 2012

    This is so inspiring. It makes you realize that you can do anything you put your mind to, all it takes is passion.

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  9. kayla.kors  |   Posted on Jul 27th, 2012

    Oh this is awesome!!!
    Good for them!!! :)

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