Happy Saturday everyone!!! Do you guys have any weekend plans??

I’ve had such a crazy but amazing week! We launched our Kardashian Kollection Home line and Khloe and I headed to Chicago for a special meet and greet with fans at the Sears store! Were any of you guys there? I’ll post more pics on Monday! I also wore one of our new geometric jumpsuits out the other day! It’s the perfect thing to travel in… comfy yet stylish!

It was Kourt’s birthday this week so I posted a ton of my favorite pics of us when we were little and through the years! Check them out here. Love you, Kourt!!!

On Wednesday I attended the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood event and wore my new hot pink Casadei heels! How gorgeous are these shoes!?

What are you guys up to this weekend? Xo


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  1. Elvira<3Kim  |   Posted on Apr 21st, 2012

    http://viranavarro.tumblr.com/ This is my blog! I posted allll of the pics from the night I met you! It was the most amazing experience. IF you dolls want to go see please visit my blog at http://viranavarro.tumblr.com/ I got a signed pic and it was truly my dream come true. I am SO SORRY Kim for what I did, I started to cry as soon as I saw you, I seriously had so much to say, I feel so stupid, I meant to say how much more pretty you are in person, and how amazing the bright orange dress you were wearing was. I wanted to tell you how my bucket list was no fullfilled, meeting you was my number one dream and now I met you, I made a fool out of myself though im so embarrased, you were exactly how id picture you, so sweet and genuine, its so amazing to have that here in Chicago, I never see you and finally it happened i was so happy you have no idea, I truly wish you girls come more often and PLEASE build a Dash out here, id love to have you here more often and to have a Dash would mean its so much easier to meet you and have the great fashions you guys have, all in all, it was well worth it, I am so glad you came, you truly did fullfill my expectations, Khloe was such a sweetheart, you guys are down to earth and unbelievable, I am still smilling, it was unreal! I even got to talk to your mommie Kris for a little, I told her to manage me lol, I truly would be so happy if she did it would be an honor, maybe one day when I get more experience as an aspiring actress she will consider me! I even got to talk to Mario your amazing make up artist he was so cool! Having you all there was my dream, and it has come true. So amazing Kim Thanks so much!

  2. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Apr 21st, 2012

    Happy Saturday Everyone. Kim, glad to see you had a fun-filled week and I really enjoyed this weeks post and blogs. As for this weekend, it’s raining in Miami so I am just enjoying a day at home watching movies and eating. I not couple of weeks will be crazy so just enjoying some downtime. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

  3. babydoll7  |   Posted on Apr 21st, 2012

    Another busy week for you Kim. I hope you’re relaxing this weekend.
    I went house hunting with my hubby. Hopefully we find something we love!

  4. Jason Stinson  |   Posted on Apr 21st, 2012

    A possible match made in HEAVEN?!Ur beautiful, intelligent, and articulate…U definitely deserve to live every dsy better than the previous,,Ur chariot awaits,,JLS,,,in the Ville, KY

  5. edcap  |   Posted on Apr 21st, 2012

    Detyuka, how come we only see your one eye? Did you poke your other one out from reading Sarbanes Oxley to many times?Sweets I added new photos. Did you see the handsome guy.? That was me.

  6. edcap  |   Posted on Apr 21st, 2012

    And where is the lovely and talented Margox.? I am fired up today.

  7. misskardashiankrazy  |   Posted on Apr 22nd, 2012

    Oh HI gorgeous! Happy Sunday funday! Ive had a productive week in my fashion career, I’ve carried on my blogging which is itsbeththomas.tumblr.com if anyone would like to check it out and Ive started my art course which i will hopefully get a GCSE and future A Level in! You gotta start somewhere, just like you and Kourt did! Im the same age as Kylie and i always wonder what it would be like to be in the possition she is..you guys can have almost anything you want!! But you work for it and thats what i wanna do..you help me with my inspiration calls! Today I celebrated my brothers birthday which is the day after Kourtneys! We went and caught some waves!! Crazy fun, then a deelish meal out afterwards! Always fun.. Im just about to order some new KKollection for my spring/summer wardrobe..the new collection is SO beaut and really easy to wear. Xoxo

  8. connorracy1  |   Posted on Apr 22nd, 2012

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