Mason Dash Disick Hiding Scott Bag Aiport

When we were at the airport Scott put his bag down and Mason crawled in and was hiding in it! He’s sooo cute!

This isn’t the first time Mason has crawled into someone’s bag…he crawled into mine when we were in Bora Bora and into my suitcase one time, too! It seems to be his favorite hiding place, lol.


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  1. ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2012

    firstly i LOVE the bag secondly Mason is so cute. i say that a lot but its true. he is the cutest little kid ever. he must be so excited to see his sister coming.

  2. Elvira<3Kim  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2012

    Haha hats adorable. I wish I could stow away in a bag and go for a vaca lol. And seriously im excited for the new sister too farz! I want to see her already we need a nother Kdash girl lol

  3. chandlerazgirl1  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2012

    Mason is SO cute. But I hate seeing with a pacifier all the time! Isn’t it time to let that go?

  4. fb100003451341894  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2012

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  5. just me 12  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2012

    Obviously staged – a large bag with nothing in it except for Mason? He is unfortunately being encouraged to remain baby-like (excessive carrying, use of stroller, pacifier) and will probably regress out of jealousy or attention getting behavior when his sister is born.

    • RegianeBrasil  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2012

      They put him in there. The bag is empty LOL 99% of what they do is staged and fake. One time I was watching one of the Miami episodes when Khloe was on that radio show and in the room she was wearing nail polish, then it switched to the other guy that worked with her, then back to Khloe and the polish was gone! LOL the scenes were shot on different days.
      Anyone who believes this show is real is out of their minds!

      • RegianeBrasil  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2012

        and this was the same conversation, the polish dissappeared within 5 seconds of a dialogue LOL. FAKE!

        • lala34  |   Posted on Apr 12th, 2012

          You need to calm down, its very obvious that they put mason in the bag and its just a joke so calm down. plus I really dont know what you are doing on kim’s blog if you’re so against the show.

  6. tribe of judah  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2012

    Kiwi fruit check o the 3 pic

  7. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2012

    Kim, it just that Mason only hides in the best bag. Just shows he has amazing taste in his hiding spots. He is soo cute.

    • RegianeBrasil  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2012

      Amazing taste in hiding spots? What if my baby was to hide in the trunk of a Rolls Royce? Would she be amazing too in her tastes for hiding spots?
      I used to hide behind a huge flower pot when I was 2 in my grandparents house. I guess that makes my taste terrible.

  8. Lindsay Ann  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2012

    Mason is adorable, but hes too old to be using a pacifier. Once kids have teeth, the pacifier will give them an overbite

  9. Mike Ahuja  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2012

    aw lil mason…getting into things :)

  10. kobe7onsale  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2012

    c ool

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