Kim Kardashian Khloe Lamar On the Move

Tonight at 10/9 it’s a brand new episode of Khloe & Lamar! This one is an emotional episode for both of them when Lamar finds out he’s been traded and they have to make the big move to Dallas!! Don’t miss it! Xo

Watch the preview here


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  1. tribe of judah  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2012

    Kiwi I will do it for u Dallas is very special to me kiwifruit u r sweet lets see what happens t the r???

  2. Haidee De Fraine  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2012


  3. ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2012

    Will def watch.

    • glammy_girl  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2012

      Kim how sad is it that here in SA we only getting the first episode of season 2 of Khloe and Lamar :( dunno why we have to be so behind. Kourtney and Kim take new York just finished last Sunday when USA watched it months ago :( Anyways, will still be watching :)

  4. ba.hoops25  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2012

    Kim I will be watching for sure ! I love lammys and khloes relationship!

  5. lowrent  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2012

    if kim herself told me to watch i probably would. if anybody responds to this post i will.

  6. margox  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2012

    Are people still actually watching this??? I know myself and others watched kktny just because they wanted to see the trainwreck of Kim’s failed marriage. They’re so predictable. Everyone knows whats going on with them without watching the show. It’s groundbreaking news when one of them takes a crap.

  7. hookasfan  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2012

    khloe is cool, but i dont like her twin friend, she ruined it for me

  8. angel_baby  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2012

    Good! I thought this was last week’s episode & I had missed it. It’ll be nice seeing how Khloe reacted to the news, being married to an athlete can’t be easy.

  9. hookemclark  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2012

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  10. ashley27  |   Posted on Apr 2nd, 2012

    love how you delete people’s comments on her all the time. So much for reality huh

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