Kristin Chenoweth Kardashian Kollection Jumpsuit Sears Fashion

Kristin Chenoweth looks so fab in our Kardashian Kollection jumpsuit! This specific design comes in leopard, blue and black and we also have a brand new strapless jumpsuit that is super comfortable and comes in black and tribal print!


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  1. ba.hoops25  |   Posted on Mar 15th, 2012

    Hi Kim !
    Wow I’m very happy everyone is loving your Kollection ! I love the dress it’s fun .

  2. ronin127  |   Posted on Mar 15th, 2012

    i guess well ahave otoo go.. back to africa.. come one oswald.. like bin lauden.. on hteir asses..cia oyu fags

  3. ronin127  |   Posted on Mar 15th, 2012

    potastoe patatoe.. asswad

  4. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Mar 15th, 2012

    Kim, she look great in Kardashian Kollection. I am so happy to see so many celebrities working you guys clothing from Sears. Keep up the great design work.

  5. kardashiansweetheart  |   Posted on Mar 16th, 2012

    I LOVE the kardashian Kollection but…..Why cant we buy the KK in the netherlands?? :( why is everything always in america…… the fans are all over the world !!!!

    love you kim

    big kisses from the netherlands


  6. kayla.kors  |   Posted on Mar 16th, 2012

    She is too adorable!!! I LOVE her!!!

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