Kim Kardashian Midori Green Outfit On Set Los Angeles Shoot

As soon as I got back to LA after my short trip to Paris for Fashion Week, it was straight back to work! On Thursday I had a green-themed shoot for my new Midori commercial! I don’t wear green that often, but I kind of love it… definitely a fun, fresh color for the spring.

See a pic from the shoot here! I snapped it on Instagram at the end of the shoot!


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  1. ronin127  |   Posted on Mar 11th, 2012

    whats yah doin?..checkin messages..justin hoieps oyu didnt git any aobut him.. he knows he was little green.. diont worry holmes had that issue tooo.. hehad ot extend himself.. too a few people..who doesnt know the bvieber..the first time..

  2. chrisphoenix  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2012

    Kim, you do not look like you are happy. You look like someone who has dove into her work to take attention away from what is bringing you down. I wish I was there to lift your spirits.

    I am not sure what I feel for you is love or an affectation. But I know what my problem is, I am not greedy enough. I am too willing to let those greedy, corrupted, and dishonest people push me out of your life. I am willing to let those greedy, corrupted, and dishonest people put me down to make themselves look superior to me at work. I have no excuses for this behavior except to say, I have a clear conscience when I go to sleep at night.

    There have been a few times where I had Dilutions of Grandeur where I thought you would stop by to see me instead me jumping on the next plane and flying to you just to see you. Instead, I stay in Phoenix and support you here, the only way I know how, by writing to you in hopes of what I write, makes to happy. Another of my problems is I am financially strapped so I have to do what I can do to survive. With that said, I cannot afford a 4G Cell Phone or Home Internet Services. I would like to, just to write to you over the weekend when I am not at work, but my finances are not your problem.

    I had an image appear to me last night of my dad, your dad and Jesus talking. The image seemed so real. I almost felt like they were talking about you and me. Like your dad asking for Jesus’s help in finding a good man for his daughter Kim and my dad asking about my son, Chris. I am not going to say it is divine intervention that lead me to you, but I am not going to say it wasn’t either. All I can say is I am here for you.

    I care about you, love you, and support you from Phoenix, Arizona. I don’t run around talking about you but defend you if I hear bad things said about you, which is rare in my HOA.

    All I can say is, I love you and care about you. I wish you were my girlfriend because you deserve to be loved and as much as I do. Take care Kim and I am always here if you need me. And, your look great in any color combo you choose to wear, still I think you looked fantastic in that Green Robe.

    Love and Affectionately Yours, Christopher A. Gass

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