Kim Kardashian Kourtney Kris Jenner Pregnant Baby Bump

I found this old pic of my mom when she was pregnant with Kourtney back in 1978 before I was born and it reminded me so much of Kourtney! I can’t believe how much they look alike in this pic! They both make such beautiful pregnant ladies!!

Is everyone having a good weekend?


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  1. Nazaneen Afifa  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2012

    You are so right! They look very alike doll.

  2. olga78  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2012

    Beautiful pictures! I have nice week end, but I shoul do more work out!
    Kim, have a wonderful week, beauty!

  3. n8ive_princess  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2012

    They look very much alike, they look a lot like SISTERS! :) I love that Kourtney is having another baby! Now Mason gets the awesome oppertunity of being a big brother! So cute! He’s gonna be the best big brother, u can tell by his personality already, he’s gonna be so lovey! Congratulations to all, mother.father.gramma.grampa.aunts.uncles & of.course.big brother, on the new arrival!!

  4. Karen M Schroeder  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2012

    I think Kourt is a very beautiful pregnant woman and she makes it look so easy.

  5. RegianeBrasil  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2012

    Your mom looked so pretty. this is the first time I see the resemblance with her and Kourtney. .

  6. RegianeBrasil  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2012

    Looked better before the stuff she injects in her face, same with you. Much better.

  7. micbai  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2012

    Cute. They do look alike.

  8. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2012

    Kim, your mom and Kourtney do look so cute with their baby bumps. I love their black and white strips. Too cute!!!!!! xo

  9. karenk.  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2012

    but she is not goiing to be a “kardashian” as they are.. she’ll be a Disick baby :)

  10. baby69  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2012

    So beautiful mother.

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