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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… I will not allow bullying on my blog. You can say what you like about me, but when you come on here and harass and bully other fans, you WILL be banned from leaving comments. This is not a place to take out your frustrations with your own life on other people. I was honestly shocked today reading some of the comments… from people who are old enough to know better. Find something better to do with your time, because I don’t want you here, and neither does anyone else.


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  1. Jessica Soto  |   Posted on Feb 20th, 2012

    Very eloquently stated.

  2. quicksilver_08  |   Posted on Feb 20th, 2012

    lol – why don’t you just follow them Kim? Or use a look alike of yourself and make something out of nothing..kinda like some cool undercover s**t.

    Be smarter than the average bear!

  3. Alison Blamer Buchanan  |   Posted on Feb 20th, 2012

    Im sad that people said mean & cruel thing’s to you and I alway’s have believed that they were taught at an early age to be so clueless to what life is really about. That is to cherish & be kind to everyone, not just who they think deserve’s it. Bullying is so dumb ,it just show’s what kind of person they reaaly are. That’s not our friend !!

  4. Jen Dhana Clarke  |   Posted on Feb 20th, 2012

    It is awesome that you are standing up to bullying on here. More and more people need to do this. I’m doing this daily for my daughter and I won’t back down. I was bullied and abused and I will not allow others to send her down that path.

    Usually bullying is out of jealousy or people are ‘afraid’. It’s terrible after all these years we still have to deal with this issue.

    Thank you Kim.

  5. Michael Carlson  |   Posted on Feb 20th, 2012

    Kim I think that you our very pretty and I wish you the best in finding the right man

  6. Linda Ellis Strohmeyer  |   Posted on Feb 20th, 2012

    Bravo! I never understood way people come on here, or any other site to be honest and do nothing but bash?! Seriously, if your not a fan, why are you here? Again, Bravo for not tolerating it!!!!

  7. Campezino Solis  |   Posted on Feb 20th, 2012

    Sup me reyna! lol! =]

  8. missaniee  |   Posted on Feb 20th, 2012

    Whats the fun of bullying?
    Were all different, we shouldn’t be making fun of people by our differences.
    I get bullied sometimes, but people take it as a joke.
    I use to cry myself to sleep. Waking up in the morning thinking today is going to be a good day, but it wasnt.
    Stop ruining other peoples lives. Instead of making them sad and get hurt make someone smile. I can bet you no one would bully or say anything about Kim Kardashian. But to us average people.


  9. krissylouise  |   Posted on Feb 20th, 2012

    Yep I agree Bullying is so not cool it’s ppl with low self confidence issues.

  10. Di Rodz  |   Posted on Feb 20th, 2012

    I am so proud of u kim for allowing all this people to get banned. They were all a waste of space. This blog is to read and positively critic or express our option not for people to be bullying others.

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