Kim Kardashian Keep Calm Stop Bullying Website Haters

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… I will not allow bullying on my blog. You can say what you like about me, but when you come on here and harass and bully other fans, you WILL be banned from leaving comments. This is not a place to take out your frustrations with your own life on other people. I was honestly shocked today reading some of the comments… from people who are old enough to know better. Find something better to do with your time, because I don’t want you here, and neither does anyone else.


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  1. luisa57  |   Posted on Feb 21st, 2012

    well done kim!!!! like you very much,you are the best,hard worker,very atractive ,y watch all your movies,y wish you all the best in your life love ,men are always ignorant about the power of a business strong woman like you !!!!!this is coming for a 63 year old chook who really admire you,keep well.not to bullying

  2. mariam mm  |   Posted on Feb 21st, 2012

    We Love you Kim ..
    Kim, I love you so much ..
    Don’t Worry ^_^

  3. samoanluver  |   Posted on Feb 22nd, 2012

    Bwahahahahaha@al da haterz hating on kim, OMFG diz ish so funny!!!….Funny hw dey can sit on dere laptop or computerz N talk smack ’bout kim diz or kim dat, 4cryn out loud, why wuld ya waste ur energy in leaving hateful commentz on kim blog N wasting ya tym talkn SH$% instead of do’n sumfing productive if ya got nuffn bettah2say on her web paige!!!….BULLY SUCKS Ya’ll lucky im not in ur living room while ya typing crap on kim paige!!!….i wuld hve shown u wah a SAMOAN SLAP is 4 disrespectn sumonez web paige!!!….haterz keep on hating, N kim wil jst keep on smiling N rolln in wif da dosh N bling blingz bwahahahahahahaha! Kim YOU ROCK BABY GIRL! LOTS OF ALOFAS AND LUV FRM A SAMOAN SISTAH IN AUSTRALIA!!!…..

  4. kmm6332  |   Posted on Feb 22nd, 2012

    I never comment on daughter was showing me all the haters comments and I could not believe how some of you people talk to Kim ..,I mean really? Lets having a teaching lesson here people, the defintion of a blog in the dictionary means “a personal journal” So ,if Kim wants to talk about her comings and goings or show really pretty pictures of herself…let her! This is HER BLOG…If you don’t want to hear or see what she does then don’t come on her blog…simple as that. Anyone who is hating on Kim simply has no life or a rotten one…You are all in need of better lives from what I can see..Leave the poor girl alone…!

  5. sweet.reni  |   Posted on Feb 22nd, 2012

    Well said NO MORE BULLYING, bore us so bad, rappers, enough of this

  6. katiee-harry92  |   Posted on Feb 22nd, 2012

    I really love this message. I personally have had the worst end of the bullying stick, my youngest sibling committed suicide due to bulling over sexual preference. I can’t believe after so many lives have been taken because of bulling, people still continue to do it. It makes me sick. So what if you don’t like someone, why would you go out of your way to try and bring them down? It’s pathetic.

  7. Walf Szx  |   Posted on Feb 22nd, 2012

    You know.. you could use cloud flare to block the bullies ip adress out of your blog

  8. dana111  |   Posted on Feb 23rd, 2012


  9. steph0814  |   Posted on Feb 23rd, 2012

    Totally agree Kim you tell them!! Your true fans love you, the others are just haters!! :) xoxo

  10. alm55  |   Posted on Feb 23rd, 2012

    kim i love this post! =] you are the best!<3

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