Hey dolls! It’s been a while since I did a weekly round up post, but I had a little time to spare on my flight home from Miami so thought I’d put one together for the weekend in case you guys missed anything this week. It’s been such a fun week for me. A perfect mix of work and play! Started out the week with new hair and a fab new Kardashian Kollection shoot! Then headed to Miami to support Lala at the Market America convention and spend some quality time with my Miami BFFs. Now I’m back in LA and missing the Miami vibe!

Here are all my updates from this week! Xo

Kendall and Kylie‘s Teen Vogue cover came out!!! Can you believe how gorgeous they look? I’m obsessed with this cover.

I posted pics from our fun family Sunday! Nothing like spending some quality time with my favorite little man, Mason.

I dyed my hair!! I love my new color and I’m so happy with the change!

I shared a pic of me and our Kardashian Kollection co-creator, Bruno Schiavi, from our lingerie shoot.

I though this was kinda funny so had to share! I know… I don’t look cute at all when I cry!! LOL

My cover for Cosmo Middle East was released. We went for an Old Hollywood glam look! Do you guys like the cover?

We shot our new Kardashian Kollection swimwear pics!! Here are my personal pics from the shoot. I love coral for spring swimwear!

One of my favorite trends for spring… what do you think of this trend?

I revealed the people behind the new hair! I love my new lighter look.

Bright blue was my color of choice for my first day in Miami! See pics from the airport.

I got dealt a funny card while I was playing Taboo! I think I got this one, guys! LOL


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  1. emma.tait2505  |   Posted on Feb 6th, 2012

    Hi Kim,
    I know you would never read this but I thought I would try anyway :)
    I have to let you know how much of an inspiration to me as I’m quite skinny on top but I have a big bottom and I used to always be so self conscious but you have given me the confidence to embrace my curves :)
    Like yourself I was married for a short time and I know how it feels to have everyone talk about you (maybe not to your extent) and its not nice and it hurts deep inside but just always remember to always do what makes yourself happy. I left my husband after a 6year relationship and only a few months of marriage but now looking back it was the best decision I could ever have made. I am now with an amazing guy who love me and even better he loves my big ass as much as I do.
    We have a lot to thank you for and I know you will never see this but I least I can say I have tried :)
    Sending you all the love in the world kimmie K.

  2. hookemclark  |   Posted on Feb 6th, 2012

    Good morning Kim what’s up? Just hanging out here laying plans for the day. My daughters are going to the mall then we are off to do a little car shopping. Tomorrow we plan to hit the Galleria which is the mall in inner Houston. That would be the place for a Dash if interested. Hope that all is well. Have a wonderful day. All my best


  3. misskardashiankrazy  |   Posted on Feb 6th, 2012

    Busy Busy Busy! Happy Monday, the start to another productive week! Im so happy for you, you seem too have yourself back in you and i love that! I hope you are brought with much happiness. 2012 is such a good year already, I can just tell! LOL! Xo

  4. marypaul  |   Posted on Feb 6th, 2012

    Gorgeous Kim <3

  5. jordan82  |   Posted on Feb 6th, 2012

    i wish that????

  6. santana89011  |   Posted on Feb 7th, 2012

    hi kim
    I’ve watching ur shows for awhile and it was very sad what happened w kris but he was not for u and i am glad that u were able to see that god will bless u w a person that will love u and most important respect u….i wish u the best and never lose faith :)

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