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Tonight’s episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York is a special one for me. I was fortunate enough to get introduced to medium, John Edward, who gave Kourtney and I the most incredible and powerful experience and one I’ll never forget. I did a blog about our experience back in December, so you can read more about it here.

Watch part one of the season finale tonight at 10/9c on E! and let me know what you think of the episode! Have an amazing Sunday, dolls!! Xo

View the preview here!


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  1. aamaziing  |   Posted on Jan 24th, 2012

    Amazing episode!

  2. buddy1528  |   Posted on Jan 24th, 2012

    how is your family doing tell your mom she is a cook kim is so far make the picture on top

  3. angel2518  |   Posted on Jan 24th, 2012

    I hope you will find that true love someday Kim. You deserve a good person that is going to treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

  4. anniem1  |   Posted on Jan 24th, 2012

    Kim, I can understand your wanting to connect with your dad. But as a christian use the bible as our dource for guidance and this is what it says about mediums.

    Parapsychology addresses certain types of ESP—such as those possessed by psychics and mediums—including clairvoyance, telekinesis, and communication with the dead. The Bible makes it clear that these types of experiences should be avoided. We should not exercise any sort of spiritual abilities outside the realm of what the Bible deems acceptable, nor should we consult with anyone who does so.

    If such a thing as a sixth sense or third eye truly exists, it is not of God. Those who claim to practice such abilities are either deceivers, self-deceived, and/or under the power of demonic forces. Leviticus 19:31 says, “Do not rely on mediums and psychics, for you will be defiled by them. I, the Lord, am your God.” Consulting spiritists is foolish and angers the Lord (2 Chronicles 33:6). Acting as a medium or psychic was punishable by death in the Old Testament (Leviticus 20:27).

    The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit of God has been given to each of us who has received salvation through faith in Christ (Romans 8:9-11). This Spirit will be our guide and teacher of all truth (John 16:13). For Christians, all spiritual leading and communication should come from God, through prayer and revelation from His Word. The only “sixth sense” we need is the Holy Spirit; everything else is counterfeit. But if we allow the Spirit to fill and control us (Ephesians 5:18), we will not be led astray by deceiving spirits.

    I truly believe you are seeking some comfort in your life but this can only be found in God. He loves you and will not lead you astray.

    • zoeangel  |   Posted on Jan 26th, 2012

      Kim already knows what the bible says about contacting mediums, but the network prostitutes her to deceive the masses. She knows she is being deceitful by claiming to be a Christian, but worshipping Satan behind closed doors. The entire families have sold their soul to the illuminati for fame and fortune and in return they must deceive the world; however, judgment day is on her heels and she will be made an open mockery and a shame. Pray for the gullible ones who are idolizing her.

      • terrie1959  |   Posted on Jan 31st, 2012

        I do know the bible says “Do not Judge”, A true Christian will not Judge one another. And to make a comment that she worships Satan behind closed doors. Really how do you know that? How do you know she is not praying for God to guild her, or for his truth and his will. You do not know what is in Kim’s heart and for that reason alone you don’t have the right to judge her.
        Kim, I find the remarks people make about you very sad, I will pray for you and those who Judge you. Always follow your heart, or gut we all make mistakes in life, not a person on earth goes a day with out making at least one, all you can do is learn from them and ask God to forgive you and guild you.

  5. nyc7  |   Posted on Jan 25th, 2012

    this look is amazing! ur hair pulled back looks really nice! u should wear less makeup though and let ur face breatheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. stip123  |   Posted on Jan 26th, 2012

    You should have consulted with him before you got married.

  7. kayla.kors  |   Posted on Jan 27th, 2012

    It made me HATE Kris even more though!!!
    I would love to meet John Edwards omg… he is amazing.
    When you and Kourtney started crying I started to cry it was so sad.

  8. Aditi Dudu R  |   Posted on Jan 30th, 2012

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  9. mahala4  |   Posted on Feb 3rd, 2012

    If Kim’s mom knew about Edwards, she could of given alot of FACTS to him. And when it came up about giving the MOTHER PRAISE for being a good mother, that sounds like something that mother would do. Afterall, it was KRIS that had the INTENST SEXUAL TRYSTS that broke Robert Sr.’s heart. That is ADULTRY in any Christian religion. She likes to play the ROLE, but if she wasn’t the girls *momager* she would be NOTHING. And Kris is a mother that likes the POWER. All three of the girls NEED to be more INDEPENDANT. To make their OWN decisions W/O their mother INTERFERRING. She has her own life, so why don’t she live it on her OWN terms, with Bruce, instead of INTRUDING into the girls lives like she does, and even Robert Jr. has a difficult time in FINDING his own SECURITY. She LIVED a MAJOR LIE for so many years, and with Edwards saying that Robert Sr. thinks she did a good job, is ABSURD, not after she TWO TIMED him, and he was DEVOTED to her.

  10. ilovekardashianspain  |   Posted on Feb 4th, 2012

    Que pena que no permitan ver tus episodios en españa..

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