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Khloe and I spent some quality time together in Dallas when I went to visit. We spent the day at the amazing aquarium there and saw so many different animals. After watching last night’s episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York it just made me think about how crazy it is to fight with and hold grudges against your sisters and family members. Family should always come first, above everything! I’m so glad Khloe and I finally resolved everything and are back to normal again!!

It’s not often we get to spend time together just the two of us, so this trip was really special to me. Love you Khloe!!

More pics from our day out together in Dallas on Khloe’s blog.


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  1. Monica  |   Posted on Jan 16th, 2012

    you made me tear up in last nights episode! really moving! loved that yall made up! takes sometimes fights to appreciate someone and realize how much they really mean to you and you need them! XOXO

    PS check out my recreation of another one your outfits:

    • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Jan 16th, 2012

      Hey sweet Kim!
      I am happy you and Khloe resolved your problems and are back to being your old selves with each other. Fighting with siblings is unavoidable but at the same time it hurts when we do fight with them. Family always comes first :) You are so strong going through everything you have been going through you are motivating me to be strong in the face of problems that may come our way. God bless.
      p.s love the pics of you and Khlo at the zoo. xo

      • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Jan 16th, 2012

        i meant Aquarium lol!

        • KarimetteB  |   Posted on Jan 16th, 2012

          Miss youu Farz, and miss the blog

          • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Jan 16th, 2012

            miss you too! hope you enjoying your trip :)

          • ba.hoops25  |   Posted on Jan 16th, 2012

            Hi Kim !
            Im very happy that you and Khloe spend time together ! And Kim I cried last night watching KKTNY ,but I know you are strong!
            Xoxo I LOVE YOU KIM

        • babydoll7  |   Posted on Jan 16th, 2012

          Kim, I’m so glad to see how you resolved things with Khlo. We’ve all gone through tough times where we’ve said and done things regretted. Even if our family members may be the target of our frustrations that have nothing to do with them, thankfully they are also the ones who forgive and understand the most.
          It’s nice that you were able to spend one on one time with Khlo. Looks like you had fun at the aquarium. :)

    • @Kardash_Ireland  |   Posted on Jan 16th, 2012

      Hey Kimmie,

      I hope you are haing a great day. I love the pictures. I am so happy that you and Khloé are not fighting anymore. I hate seeing any of your family fightinh. It just doesn’t seem right because you all love each other so much. xox

    •  |   Posted on Jan 17th, 2012

      hi kim!!!!. I have a blog of you,well of your family because I am your fan n 1!!!!(i think).
      so here is my blog:
      oh! and it is in spanish because i am of argentina.Sorry!!!.
      i wish i coud meet you.
      and in english in

  2. kkzthebest!  |   Posted on Jan 16th, 2012

    Awww, cute sisters! :)

    Today is kind of an interesting day for me…last year on this day (exactly a year ago today) I found out I was going to L.A. in July and I was SO excited about it…my dad had asked me if I wanted to go see Dash…that’s how he broke the news to me that we were going…ha ha. Later on in the year (Marchish) we made plans to go to Vegas too…I was way too hyper to even breathe for a few months straight! lol…I’m sooo glad I went! I had a super fun time! :)

  3. mary-anne_  |   Posted on Jan 16th, 2012

    I am glad everything is back to normal, Doll! Yes , family is above all.just sometimes our ego is on our way and we don’t want to hear stuff that we don’t like, but eventually is good to reconsile.Love ya!!

  4. azjerry  |   Posted on Jan 16th, 2012

    Hello & good morning Gorgeous how are you doing today? i hope you are doing good and hope you have a better new year and happyer one. Hope to hear back from you soon, Jerry

  5. <3megsmith<3  |   Posted on Jan 16th, 2012

    hey kimmie <3 i love to see you and khole get on together :) lots of love counting down the day to the 22 when kktny starts in the uk ! ahhhh <3

  6. sara-ullah  |   Posted on Jan 16th, 2012

    I´m so happy you guys are friends again <3 :) love it

  7. jennistyles  |   Posted on Jan 16th, 2012

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  8. TheBigPicture33  |   Posted on Jan 16th, 2012

    This is the very last time I will be posting or visiting your site. I just want to say to you, you have to step back & change your life. If you don’t rise above & see through the materialism & vanity it is going to eventually be the destruction of you. Please heed my warning! Take care

  9. tonya1966  |   Posted on Jan 16th, 2012

    Kim – MAKING FUN OF PEOPLE USING COUPONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a same because thats how most people have enough food for the week and give the children extra. How do you thank your TV FANS feel????????????????????

  10. tonya1966  |   Posted on Jan 16th, 2012

    Our community will no longer be watching your show. Howevr’ we are all very excited about Khloé & Lamar show.

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