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I met the most amazing young girl in Haiti. Leanna Archer is just 16 years old, and is CEO, owner and founder of Leanna’s Inc., and founder of the Leanna Archer Education Foundation for underprivileged children in Haiti. She came to speak at the Haitian Artisan Fair and I was honestly blown away by her story. She started making her own hair products at the age of eight and shortly after launched her own company! She would take her grandmother’s formula and package them in her baby brother’s baby food jars.

Her products were such a great success and in 2008 Leanna launched the Leanna Archer Education Foundation. Leanna uses the money she makes from the sales of her products to help kids in Tabar, Haiti, providing over 200 kids there with three meals every day. Her goal is to build a school and give individual attention to the kids in the town, based on their skills and needs.

It is just so incredible to see such a young girl be so selfless, so motivated, and dedicated to providing so much for those who are less fortunate than her. Leanna is one of the most incredible people I have ever met and I hope her story will inspire you all, not only to be driven to achieve your own dreams, but also to use your fortune and wisdom to help others who are less fortunate.


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  1. mrs w  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

    Where can we buy her hair products?

  2. coferae  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

    wow. how incredible.

  3. rozalya062029  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

    Hi again, Kim,

    I have posted this same letter to you in your story about what you actually did in Haiti, and I do hope that you will reply. I believe that Leanna is an inspiration to everyone out there with dreams and goals, and thank you for sharing her story with the world.

    My name is Rosalia Samuela. I just very recently completed a life transformation course which has done exactly what it intended – it transformed my life. From this course, I have created my purpose in life – and that is to improve the economic state of my country. I am immune to the doubts, thoughts and opinions of the rest of the world – I believe in my cause and no matter what, will pursue it till I have accomplished what I have set myself to do.
    I come from a country called The Cook Islands. One of our biggest problems is that our people leave our shores to find better financial income in overseas countries. Many of them never return. Our culture, traditions and also, very sadly, our language has been slowly dying over the years. I, myself, cannot speak Cook Island Maori fluently. We have allowed the modern culture of today to influence, and in the process, wipe out our original roots – therefore our whole identity as Cook Islanders will cease to exist. A whole history of one nation is on the brink of extinction.
    Our Cook Islands government have imposed a very high cost of living among our locals to accommodate the operations of the country – and this is basically due to a lack of incoming financial resources from outside. They have even gone to desperate lengths and borrowed millions from China to build our police station and our court house.
    I have come up with a solution to the problem – and that is TO INCREASE THE FLOW OF TOURISTS VISITING OUR SHORES. The impact this will have on my country is endless. More home-based employment opportunities for my people, more pride in our culture and heritage and basically – The Cook Islands will be put on the map!!!
    I have already approached a major Pacific Islands airline and they have declined to assist with my request to help my country. However, parts of the feedback that the CEO of this airline had given to me has only proven to be more of an insight into what other possibilities I can be open to that will help me achieve the result I have set.
    My request to you, Kim is to help me put the Cook Islands on the map – help me to attract more attention from the world to the Cook Islands. All I am asking of you is to come and take a holiday or even just visit our country. Your megastar status, I believe, will be a major contribution to my cause.
    However, I will warn you – we do not have the high end boutique accommodation and high quality facilities that you would usually find elsewhere. What the Cook Islands offer – is nature itself in its most purest form. You cannot find it anywhere else in the world – and this is what makes the Cook Islands unique. The Cook Islands is an escape from the pretence and fakery that most would face every day. You will have an experience of what life is like without the pressure of having to uphold an image, to live up to expectations, or to be someone other than yourself. AS cliché as this may sound, The Cook Islands is heaven on earth.
    We have the sunny and sandy beaches, the clear turquoise blue lagoons (where even the fish aren’t afraid to swim up to you – they even beg you to feed them!), the swaying palm trees, the majestic hills.
    So Kim – will you help me put the Cook Islands on the map? Will you help me improve the economic state of my country? Do you accept the invitation to come and just visit our shores?

    Thanks for your time and consideration,
    Rosalia Samuela

  4. ucla11  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

    She should be nominated for Anderson Cooper’s “CNN Heroes”. I attended the event that took place a few weeks ago and this young girl truly deserves to be placed among that heroes list. Kim you can probably get her on the list for next year! I’m sure you have the influence and ability to do so, it would be a good project to work on & maybe you can present her ! ;-)

  5. jonnyb311  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

    That truly is awesome! Kim I have read about you and I have seen you on T.V. I can see that your a kind soul. You be misunderstood at times, but I don’t think some of the media gets it. It seems you put your whole heart into everything you do, and for that I applaude you. I am sorry to that things didn’t work out with Chris. He had no idea what ( from what I’ve read and seen) a remarkable woman he had. To say he supports you and then goes back on that is wrong. Here is an example of support. I am divorced but I told her that I would continue to pay all her bills untile she is done with her nursing degree which is Dec. of next year. I left her the house because I want her and my son to be happy. I am living in a one bedroom apartment, but I’m ok with that knowing that Alex will grow up in a nice home. Anyway sorry about that. I know that the chance to meet you is never gonna happin but if there is that very slim chance you would want to meet for coffee or something that would be great. I hope you achieve all that you strive for. Take care. I hope I didn’t write all this for nothing. lol I’m silly that way. :)

  6. KarimetteB  |   Posted on Dec 21st, 2011

    She’s so kind!!

  7. kardashianlovee  |   Posted on Dec 21st, 2011

    Kim, it really upsets me that people are actually boycotting to get you off television. I am not signed in with Facebook, but my name is Lily Janet Prado and i commented alot on this page, because these people really think they’re going to get you offf, lol . But i have your back, i think your great, , i just hope you learn from your mistakes because i want positive feedback for you. But here is the link just in case you want to check it out.

    I tried to knock some sense into them, give me a shout out please if you read this. I have tried everything for these people to get off your back but i dont know they’re not gonna stop. but you have my support. :) They said you wouldnt care about anyone of your fans, even though we are the ones that make you money. BUT hopoefully you do give us some intereest, it would be nice to PROVE THEM WRONG.

  8. beautylogicblog  |   Posted on Dec 25th, 2011

    I had the pleasure of meeting Leanna years ago and going to her home and meeting her amazing parents. She’s a wonderful girl, and her family is just beautiful people. Her mom and grandmother cooked us the most delicious meal when we went. I’m so happy you showcased her.

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