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As some of you know, my mom and I flew out to Haiti earlier this month to meet with Maria Bello and embark on an amazing journey together in Haiti. Our mission was to learn more about Maria’s charity, We Advance, meet the Haitian people who have made such amazing progress since the devastating earthquake in 2010, and celebrate the women of Haiti, who inspired me more than I ever could have anticipated.

While my experience was completely life-changing… a very emotional and surprisingly positive journey that I will never forget, some media outlets have tried to tarnish the motive behind my visit and have written completely ridiculous and untrue things. The National Enquirer wrote that I went to a fashion show in Haiti and then spent a fortune pampering myself! The truth is that I was at the Haitian Artisan Fair, where the amazing men and women who make their jewelry and crafts sell them to visitors to make a living, and I bought some of their beautiful jewelry after the fashion show!! Reading this made me so disappointed in the media.

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Taking such a positive thing and writing something malicious and untrue. The journalists obviously didn’t bother to do their research and instead published a ridiculous story to sell copies. I have ignored all of this until now, but because I wanted to write a few blogs about my experience, I felt I needed to address this first. I have become accustomed to dealing with rumors and lies spread about my family or my relationships, and have learned to ignore it to a certain extent. But when a magazine makes the decision to twist the truth and write lies like that, it belittles the entire experience we had in Haiti, and I won’t let them do that.

I think it’s important that I share my experiences with you all, rather than you read false reports in the media. I have some really great stories and photos from my trip and I’m so excited to share them with you all! Xo


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  1. kimkfanatic  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

    Kim you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone we believe and love you xoxo

    • .:: ♥ ♥ Mara ♥ ♥ ::.  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

      Kim, don’t worry about the haters!!! You have such a great heart, you know who are your real family, friends and most definitely your FANS on your page!! I love you Princess keep up the good work!!! xo

      • Alimah  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

        In Rihanna’s words, people gunn talk whether youre doing bad or good! but i know you know so already. it is very annoying how the media writes many false things about you and deceive many other people who are not exactly fans! sometimes i go on blogs and see the mean spirited words and untrue things they write about you. it really annoys me!
        I am happy you are spending your time doing this! God bless you tremendously, He sees your heart and that means everything and ALL that matters! God sees your heart, point blank period! can’t wait to read more stories! Leann is a great kid! xo

        • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

          Dear Kim.
          These ridiculous Media outlets are always going to try and bring you down because they can’t stand to see anyone doing something good. Please know that us true loyal fans will always be by your side no matter what shenanigans the media throws at the worlds. It saddens me to the core to read the hate that comes to this blog and to see your face on magazine covers with hurtful lifes splashed across the cover. I can’t even begin to imagine how you must feel. The only thing i can say is God knows you. These horrible people don’t mean a thing. God bless you for doing what you are doing. You are making a difference in so many peoples lives. whenever you feel down just know that there are thousands of people rooting for you and that love you. seeing you have a smile on your face keeps a smile on my face. xo

          • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

            there must be a lot of pressure on you but please please please don’t let these people get to you. stay strong. :)

          • ba.hoops25  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

            Hi Kim !
            I can’t even describe how amazing you are ! I’m just blown away by your sweet heart Kim ! You truly changed many lifes ,your father would have been so proud of you Kim ! Don’t listen to the media or haters Kim they are not worth your time !
            Xoxo I LOVE YOU KIM SOOO MUCH :)

          • babydoll7  |   Posted on Dec 21st, 2011

            Kim, you did a wonderful thing going to Haiti. Haters will always put a negative spin on anything you do and that’s terrible. I simply ignore it. I know that’s easier said than done but I feel like they win if we waste any time and energy on them. I hope your clarification clears up the silly rumors and that you feel better for setting the story straight.

          • Queen_KourtneyK  |   Posted on Dec 23rd, 2011

            Us true fan know who u are Kimmie! U are an amazing beautiful sweet woman dont worry doll! Thanks for sharing ur experience to Haiti! Xo

      • charlin  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

        kim is not necessary for me to justify your trips and much less by what the press say you know they make up stories to live by you, is that what you’ve done without any interest nor benefit or make much less advertising I am proud to be my example to follow
        hi girls I would like us to do a Christmas greeting to something like kim did for his birthday!!

    • ~*~ DáMary ~*~  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

      They don’t know what else to do…. WE your real fans know the truth so don’t worry, keep doing what you are doing right now…. God Bless You and Happy Holidays….. Besistos… XoXo

    • @Kardash_Ireland  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011


      You should not have to explain this to anyone. the media are sooo stupid. They are first to say crap about the good things people do even though they do notting to help.

      I cannot wait to see the blogs you post about what you did in Hati.

      Love from Ireland <3 xoxoxox

      • Monica  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

        im so happy you took the time to address this and let us know!! your amazing Kimmie! there will always be rumors and gossip ignore it.

      • ♥♥Cassandra♥♥  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

        Its so riduculous how far they would go to sell or get there story out..happy you stood up to them kim,they must have a sad life
        have a great day kim,cant wait to see more pictures of your trip

    • ucla11  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

      Journalists will do anything to twist up stories in order to get sales up. For a magazine to go as far as degrading the meaning of this humanitarian trip the Kardashians took are in return degrading their own reputation as journalists. At the end of the day they made a difference, and any steps taken to achieve that deserves acknowledgement & proper journalism if magazines choose to cover it.

      Well done Kim K. and Kris Jenner! By the way have you guys been able to check up on that “shawty” homeless man you all helped in the beginning seasons of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”?

    • shanice09  |   Posted on Dec 21st, 2011

      Kim don’t take note of the media!You an incredible strong woman!

  2. belinpau  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

    Im proud of you!!! dont matter what ppl say! ur family and friends know who you are that’s all

  3. mejdshkoukani  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

    Awe Kim! To be honest before I read your blog and saw that cover I knew it wasn’t true. Who cares what they have to say real fans wouldn’t believe that bs anyways! I hope you had fun in Haiti doll. Love you!

  4. renny06  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

    Honestly who cares about what people have to say as long as you, know the truth who cares. Im tired of people thinking they have to conform to society we are all different its your life do you. I WILL STILL BE A FAN REGARDLESS OF WHAT OTHERS HAVE TO SAY THEY ARE JUST HATERS; REMEMBER USERS ARE LOSERS…:LOL

  5. valedd  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

    we love you kim, we know the true, you dont have to give us explanations, we know you went there to live another culture, keep telling your stories =)

  6. annie310  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

    the media can be so manipulative! your true fans know who you are ! let them talk all they want because all they are is jealous! keep walking with your head up high && keep doing your think! Love you doll!
    XOXO Annie!

  7. Lydia  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

    Kim, don’t focus on these ridiculous allegations. As someone who has volunteered with We Advance and sent some supplies to Nap Vanse Women’s Clinic in Cite Soleil, THANK YOU for shedding light on a topic everyone is forgetting about so quickly – HAITI STILL NEEDS HELP! Thanks for taking the trip down, Lord knows it is definitely an experience you will not forget and makes you far more grateful for what you have in your life. Xo.

  8. sweet_nysha13  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

    Don’t worry Kim. Everyone know’s the National Enquirer is always full of b.s. I mean look at the headline, “Royal Scandal” c’mon. I don’t think anyone believes what they read in there!

  9. miss_elle23  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

    i used to love u but since your fake wedding…. i dont believe a word you write here :) and a few pictures you took there won’t help u either :) what a pity… you could’ve stayed big… if u had not sold your soul for money :) grtz from europe

    • glidewellgirl  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

      really you r so lame go get a life and stop spreading negative hate on this blog its for kim to express herself to her fans and if your so nieave to believe that lye then you arent worthy of being a true fan of kims anyway. Your message is just mean and unnessasary!

    • glidewellgirl  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

      oh yeah and news flash shes still big!! and a beautiful strong buisness women.:))

    • stxchic  |   Posted on Dec 22nd, 2011

      Gee, Im so glad I still believe in love and Kim K. does too. She did not fake love, but things changed and went downhill very fast. It happens all the time.

  10. jennajrae  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

    Sad you have to explain your every move! But you did and awesome and inspiring thing! :)

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