Kim Kourtney Khloe Kardashian Glamour Magazine Cover New Year's Special January 2012

Kourt, Khloe and I did a New Year’s-themed shoot for the January cover of Glamour Magazine, on newsstands December 6!! You can read an excerpt from the interview on the Glamour website and see more pics from the shoot.

It’s always so much fun getting glammed up and doing photo shoots with my sisters. I have a few personal behind the scenes pics I’ll be posting tomorrow!!

Do you guys have plans for New Year’s Eve yet?


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  1. shannon17  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2011

    Can’t wait to read this issue of Glamour! I don’t know if you will read this or not….but I just wanted to say that I really appreciate how much you and your family have shown to the public. Whether through your (awesome and addicting) shows, magazine interviews, tv interviews, etc. you all always come off so genuine. So just in case you happen to skim through this, THANK YOU. You hear too many negative things and I know I certainly couldn’t handle it! And neither could half the people dishing it out. You’re an amazing inspiration and such a hard worker and entrepreneur. Thanks again!

  2. kkzthebest!  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2011

    You three look so cute together for the shoot! Love ya’s!

  3. chrism310  |   Posted on Nov 30th, 2011

    real talk….Im sorry to hear about your recent divorce…dont know too much about it other than what I see in the media and your shows…BUT…I just strongly feel like celebrity marriages RARELY work out. You need someone whos more down to earth, not in the spotlight, an average 9-5 guy that will love you for you, the real you away from the spotlight. It’s a balance. You being the successful person you are, I really think would balance out with just an average guy. hmmm..just a thought….lol I know it ll never ever happen, but Id be stupid not to try, but if it makes any sense to you…feel free to get at me… and lets talk! doesnt hurt to try or have a conversation with an average guy from southern cal..

  4. donalyn  |   Posted on Nov 30th, 2011

    i love kim kardashian ! i loveyouuu kim ! i dont know how to heg her attension but i love her very much !

  5. gogowill  |   Posted on Nov 30th, 2011

    sexyyyy ass dolls so sexy danmmm;)

  6. Prince Jarvis  |   Posted on Nov 30th, 2011

    Kim, the cover is amazing! All three of you look so beautiful. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

  7. shortychick411  |   Posted on Nov 30th, 2011

    This cover is amazing, i love it. You and your sisters are so beautiful. One day you will have kids, I can’t wait . you will be such an amazing mom. You deserve those things.I wish you the best and your true fans will always be here for you.
    love you

  8. alanoud  |   Posted on Nov 30th, 2011

    All of u look beautiful & I luv the outfits great cover can’t wait for the pictures. xoxoxo love from Qatar

  9. kayla.kors  |   Posted on Dec 2nd, 2011

    YAY!!! Can’t wait to buy this!!! =D

  10. kardashlover911  |   Posted on Jan 16th, 2012

    Kim you look just stunning! You and you sisters look great!

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