Rob Karadshian Cheryl Burke Freestyle Dancing with the Stars Perfect 10

I have never been so proud of Rob!! Last night’s performances showed just how far he has come on Dancing with the Stars. To watch him week to week and see how far his come and how much he as grown has just been incredible. I really think this experience has made Rob a stronger person and we are all very proud.

His freestyle last night was amazing!!! Did you guys see? Perfect 10′s!!! Watch his performance here.

Thank you to each and every one of you who has voted! We love you!! Xo


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    • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Nov 22nd, 2011

      Rob danced so well last night. I really truly hope he wins. he really deserves it. i went to get Kardashian Konfidential the special edition today and the lady at chapters that was cashing me out asked me if im watching dwts and i said yes and i hope Rob wins and she said she was rooting for him too. good luck Rob!

    • ♥♥Cassandra♥♥  |   Posted on Nov 22nd, 2011

      Rob has been doing amazing and it has shown on him, i also believe hes grown so much from this experience and i cannot wait to see all the doors of wonderful opportunities that will open for him win or lose, im so happy for him, and kim i was so happy to see you go and support rob, you looked stunning as always, stay strong lovely, and win win win rob !!

    • 234leanne  |   Posted on Nov 22nd, 2011

      Hi Kim,

      Rob did amaze from what I saw on youtube:0

      I hope he wins because I know he has worked really hard

      Team Cherbet

      Love from ireland

      Leanne xxx

    • ljlorika  |   Posted on Nov 22nd, 2011

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  2. ashtynm89  |   Posted on Nov 22nd, 2011

    AMAZING!!!! He’s going to win, I KNOW IT!

  3.  |   Posted on Nov 22nd, 2011

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  4. EisAlwaysClassy  |   Posted on Nov 22nd, 2011

    He did do a great job. Good luck Rob!


  5. ljlorika  |   Posted on Nov 22nd, 2011

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  6. vanessamjeff  |   Posted on Nov 22nd, 2011

    He really looks like he’s having a great time and that’s what makes people enjoy the dances. Go Rob! P.S. I voted :)

  7. Kara Mullins  |   Posted on Nov 22nd, 2011

    Go rob!!!!!

  8. lisagomez1  |   Posted on Nov 22nd, 2011

    Rob is a loser and so are you!

    • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Nov 22nd, 2011

      if u dont have anything nice to say then dont come here.

    • kimthetramp  |   Posted on Nov 23rd, 2011

      I wouldn’t say that HE is a loser but yes Kim is. He did not do an amazing dance. LOL Gotta wonder what you think the word “amazing” means. He was ok. Although he did improve over the year and possibly could have won based on his improvement and recent performances…his sister Kim and her fake wedding etc, is what MADE people NOT vote for him. You can only fool people for so long before they get sick of your crap and you should be ashamed of yourself Kim that YOU cost him this competition. It also would have been better had you not shown up to the finals…most people don’t want to see your lying face. Well except for your stalkers here that fall over your every word! LMAO

  9. lisagomez1  |   Posted on Nov 22nd, 2011


  10. jesses_girl86  |   Posted on Nov 22nd, 2011

    Rob has done a great job this season on DWTS!! He has improved more than anyone!! I hope he wins tonight. I voted for him!! =)

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