If you watched my wedding special last night you would have seen the brand new promo for season two of Kourtney and Kim Take New York! Season two premiers in November and I can’t wait for you guys to see what we’ve been getting up to in New York.

For the commercial we went super glam with these gorgeous dresses and Kris and Scott wore tuxedos! What do you think of the commercial?

See all the pics from the shoot here!


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  1. Monica  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

    you all look sooooo glamorous!!!! so excited to see what drama/ laughs yall have in store for us!!! i know your in dubai right now.. can’t imagine how crazy beautiful it is.. have fun love! XOXOXO

    • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

      Hey Kimberly
      i love the commercial! i agree with Jarvis that its very old hollywood. love it! Tres fab! I can’t wait to watch. You rock. hope you having a great time in Dubai. xoxoxo

      • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

        i’m not just saying this but i truly mean it. you are really iconic from the way you dress to the way you carry yourself. it definitely leaves an impression, and a good one.

        • ba.hoops25  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

          I love it !!!! It has a very old glam theme SO SO Zsa ZSA! Can’t wait dolly Ekkk all the more dramma I love it :)

        • Alimah  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

          Farzeen! so true! i think its the swag! this commercial oozes so much swag and hotness, i know i said it before but wow! awesome! im so happy kktny is coming sooner than i thought and wooohooo ill be watching it in my cold days in November and december, its gunna warm me up yaaaaaaah! cant wait :) Kim i hopw youre enjoying Dubai w Carla Joyce and Kris!

        • Queen_KourtneyK  |   Posted on Oct 17th, 2011

          I LOVE that Scott & Kris are on it! U all look so Glamorous! LOVE It! Can NOT wait for this second season of KKTNY !!

          Xo QKK

    • ..::* ♥Mrs. Aracely Sanchez 2610♥ *::..  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

      Kim, that promo looks amazing!! So glamourous! You guys are soooo beautiful and our hubby and Scott are gorgeous too!

      • shanice09  |   Posted on Oct 13th, 2011

        Kim I love this promo,super stylish and sophisticated!Gosh I can’t wait for Kim&Kourt and Kris&Scott to take NY lol!Super Excited!

        • charlyn  |   Posted on Oct 13th, 2011

          wow, the word for it is very glam! its amazingI am very happy because this Sunday transmit special wedding! already noted in my diary!

    • 234leanne  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

      Hiya Kim

      it is greeat video.. Can not wait to watch the series..

      I made this video for you and Kris as a wedding gift type thing..Hope you like it and tell me what you think if you do see it
      Here it is —>>>http://youtu.be/JnsRsgYM6yM

      Anyone who is on twitter follow my Kardashian fan site..I follow back.. Its @Kardash_Ireland

      Have a great day daily dolls…

      Leanne xxx

  2. Jarvis Lawhorn  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

    Happy Wednesday Everyone. Kim, I love this new Kourtney and Kim Take New York promo. It’s super glamorous and Old-Hollywood. You guys look amazing. This is my favorite Kardashian promo by far. Love you much!!! xoxo

  3. Jarvis Lawhorn  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

    Kim, hope you are enjoying your time in Dubai. It’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth. xoxo

  4. ♥/A/A/♥  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

    i loved it , i thought i was seeing a preview of a movie , the person who directed this did a great job , love the dresses (;

  5. EisAlwaysClassy  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

    You guys look sooooooo classy and beautiful! oh and your men……hubba hubba!


  6. danielkardashian  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

    WOOOOHOOOOOO! Love this promo! I’m so excited for season 2!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hayluvskim  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

    so glad you are in dubai… everyone is loving having you here… i hope i get to see you at sephora on saturday it would make my year!! x

  8. angel_baby  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

    Love the promo, you & Kourtney look gorgeous.
    I have the song stuck in my head lol Who sings that song?

  9. crazybabylove26  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cant wait to watch season two yea soooooooo excited!

  10. gretik  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

    Aaaaaa I love it <3 <3 <3

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