Kim Kourtney Kardashian Fun Mason Dash Disick Brooklyn Bridge Park

Kourt and I took Mason to the Brooklyn Bridge Park and had so much fun! We went on the carousel and took some pics with the amazing views of the New York City skyline in the background! I love NYC!!


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  1. babydoll7  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

    Looks like you guys had fun. :) Love your cape!

    • Alimah  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

      hahaha Mason is the cutest everrrrr! the papz caught you taking these pictures. love them, ahh cant wait till youre a mother, youre gunna be amazing :)
      is it weird that ive never been there and ive been living in ny for almost a year LOL
      love the pictures!!!

      • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

        Hey Kimberly
        aww seriously Mason is soo adorable i don’t know how else to describe him and his voice is the cutest thing ever! Mason looks sleepy in a few of the pics. I also like the composition of the pics if that makes sense. my fav pic is with the sun behind you dolls and Mase and you all looking at the camera, well at least you and Kourtney are lol. Hope Dubai is treating you well. Kisses!

        • ba.hoops25  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

          Awww!look at massie :)I absolutely love the face Kim !Mason has the best mom and aunt Kiki ! By the way the outfits are gorgeous you dolls are always so dolled up xoxoxo LOVE YOU

    • 234leanne  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

      Hiya Kim

      Thanks for sharing..

      Love the face Mason is pulling… You and Kourtney must be having a great time in NYC !!! You look great :)

      I made this video for you and Kris as a wedding gift type thing..Hope you like it and tell me what you think if you do see it
      Here it is —>>>

      Anyone who is on twitter follow my Kardashian fan site..I follow back.. Its @Kardash_Ireland

      Have a great day daily dolls…

      Leanne xxx

      • charlyn  |   Posted on Oct 13th, 2011

        Spending time with children is fun, especially mase is a beauty and tenderness of a child, I really like the dress the two for a day of fun hope the past have the best
        I love you kim

  2. bella01  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

    I have watched the Fairytale Wedding specials and I am a bit disturbed. I am from Minnesota and I am a bit offended by the MN bashing. We are not a bunch of hicks and we have pretty much everything here that people in CA have. We are educated and many of us do appreciate the finer things in life. I hope that all the bashing was scripted and not the true feelings and thoughts of the Kardashians.

  3. mary-anne_  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

    Very Cute pics!!

  4. Monica  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

    i had seen some pictures of you 3 having a ball out there!! so cute! masey looks like he had a blast..can’t wait to take my angel up there to enjoy nyc!

  5. hayluvskim  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

    lovely pics…. how are you finding dubai at the moment???

  6. angel_baby  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

    Looks like you all had fun out there. They’re great memories to share with Mason when he gets older

  7. Jarvis Lawhorn  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

    Kim look like you, Kourtney and Mason had a blast. You guys look fabulous as always. Mason is the cutest little guy I have ever seen, I just love him. So happy you are enjoying your time in NYC. Much Love!!! xo

  8. kkzthebest!  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

    Cute! Mason is so adorable and is getting so big everytime I see a picture of him!

    I got a new phone today (a cell phone) and it’s a slider…it’s my first “big girl” phone, lol! It has everything on it unlike my other one that had nothing but calling people on it…boring! I don’t have many minutes right now because I’m waiting for more which I’ll be getting over the weekend but it’s SOOO cool!

  9. ♥/A/A/♥  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

    you guys look great, love the nyc view ,it looks amazing mason is so cute ,did he get something in his eye ,it looks like he was rubbing it ?

  10. BeyondKash  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

    Kourtney has the cutest baby ever.

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