Kim Kardashian Harper's Bazaar Arabia Cover Magazine October 2011

OMG! I was just sent my Harper’s Bazaar Arabia cover and I had to share it with you guys!!! This is my first cover in the Middle East and I so pleased with how it turned out! Do you guys like it?

The amazing John Russo was the photographer! We went with a stars theme and I got to wear some of the most gorgeous Dolce and Gabbana dresses.

See the behind-the-scenes photo here!


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  1. MissLuxurious  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2011

    Looks stunning!! :)

    • fabulous damaris  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2011

      STUNNING! Beautiful gorgeous!!, yes I love it

      • mary-anne_  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2011

        Love, love, Love it!

      • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2011

        wow kimmy
        there are no words to describe how gorgeous you are. You really are so blessed. you are so photogenic and so relaxed in front of the camera. No wonder so many photographers love to work with you. Congrats on your first middle eastern cover. no doubt they will be asking you to do more. you are a natural. xo

      • ♥ Mara Garcia ♥  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2011

        WOW! Kim, you look absolutely beautiful! Love love love it!! xo

      • Charlyn Sanabria  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2011

        I love each and every one of the covers you do you look so radiant and sexy!

    • 234leanne  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2011

      Hiya Kim
      Hope you are having a fab day !

      Thanks for sharing the magazine cover..

      It is such a natural look you have in it.. No words.. AMAZING !!

      I made this video for you and Kris as a wedding gift type thing..Hope you like it and tell me what you think if you do see it
      Here it is —>>>

      Anyone who is on twitter follow my Kardashian fan site..I follow back.. Its @Kardash_Ireland

      Have a great day daily dolls…

      Leanne xxx

  2. saibah8411  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2011

    woww! its looks so good!
    Im glad you’ve done a Middle East magazine coverr!
    Im a quater arab so thiss is pretty cool for me ! lolll xxo

  3. Jarvis Lawhorn  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2011

    OMG Kim, you look shockingly stunning. Love the black-and-white Dolce and Gabbana dress with the musical notes and fabulous earrings. Your hair and makeup is beautiful as always. You look beyond amazing. Congrats on your first Middle East cover. Job Well Done!!!! Love you Kim!!! Xoxo

  4. Queen_KourtneyK  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2011

    O My O My O MY GOD! U look STUNNING!!! Seriously the pictures turned out AMAZING!

    CONGRATS Kimmie!

    Xo QKK

    • E.W.V2.0  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2011

      Yes, they certainly did, and the musical notes make me think of Warner Bros. cartoons, which I also like very much. :-)

  5. Alimah  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2011

    Ahhhhhhhhhh I’m screaming! This is gorgeous!!!!!!!! Congratulations as this is the first of many more! I love it! It is beautiful! Hope your day is going great :-)

  6. rmathews2  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2011

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress!! You have such an amazing style! I just bought the b&w tuxedo inspired dress from Sears and I LOVE IT! I’m going to wear it with a pair of 5″ matte black pumps and I need a cute jacket or blazer to wear over for a wedding, any suggestions on which jacket from the line would go good with it?

  7. hollyberry21  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2011

    BEAUTIFUL KIM!!! That is all I can say!! Amazinly gorgeous!!!

  8. Athena  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2011

    Beautiful and flawless Kimmie!! I love everything about these pics! Ur amazing and congrats on ur 1st middle east cover. Im sure there will be countless covers for u in this awesome lifetime! Have a great day and thx for sharing! XO

  9. vanessamjeff  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2011

    Gorgeous dahhhling! I’m very happy for you :)

  10. ♥/A/A/♥  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2011

    you look amazing kim ,i am in love with the earrings (;

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