Kendall Kylie Jenner Hair Braid Bora Bora Vacation

Look at how silly Kendall and Kylie are! They braided their hair together and spent the entire night like this!

See lots more pics from our family vacation in Bora Bora here!


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  1. ♥♥Cassandra♥♥  |   Posted on Sep 27th, 2011

    How cute ! I wish I had a sister similar age to do silly stuff like this :)

    • ♥♥Cassandra♥♥  |   Posted on Sep 27th, 2011

      Kylie and kendalls bond is just like khloe kourts and yours kim,its so great and wonderful how momma kris raised you,i will def. want my future kids to have a close bond like this:)

    • 234leanne  |   Posted on Sep 27th, 2011

      Hiya Kim
      Hope you are having a fab day !

      Thanks for sharing the picture. I love how and your sisters are all so close….

      All my sisters are around the same age as me like you, Khloe and Kourtney but we are not as close. just the two older ones are

      I made this video for you and Kris as a wedding gift type thing..Hope you like it and tell me what you think if you do see it
      Here it is —>>>

      Anyone who is on twitter follow my Kardashian fan site..I follow back.. Its @Kardash_Ireland

      Have a great day daily dolls…

      Leanne xxx

    • prettyari  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2011

      Kendall looks a lot like your grandma MJ. Like a lot!

  2. saibah8411  |   Posted on Sep 27th, 2011

    LOL! their so funny! this is soo cool!
    Where did they get this ideaa? :L xo

  3. nicolemariana  |   Posted on Sep 27th, 2011

    This is so cute and funny!
    XoXo Nicole Mariana

    • mary-anne_  |   Posted on Sep 27th, 2011

      Hi Doll, I was reading your blog, got intrigued by the fact that y are from Romania.I am from Bulgaria, the world is so small, huh. I’ve been following Kim for years and I will for years to come :)

  4. babydoll7  |   Posted on Sep 27th, 2011

    Silly but cute. :) Friendship amongst sisters is a blessing. I have 3 younger sisters and we are very close. I value my friendship with them dearly. :)

  5. twinkledammy  |   Posted on Sep 27th, 2011

    Kylie looooook soooo much like my cousin KYLIE!!!! Same face shape and smile, so weird!!!

  6. kkzthebest!  |   Posted on Sep 27th, 2011

    Wow, lol…those girls are always up to something! :D

  7. kate91  |   Posted on Sep 27th, 2011

    So cute!!! Unfortunately I don’t have any siblings – I’m an only child. I wish I could share this bond!!!


  8. erb66  |   Posted on Sep 27th, 2011

    haha this is so cute! kylie looks really good here! gorggeouss

  9. E.W.V2.0  |   Posted on Sep 27th, 2011

    A cute idea, of course, but I hope that they didn’t need to be cut free of each other later on! ;-)

  10. a.jdoll  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2011

    How cute! I love how close they are xx

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