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Tonight is the Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 6 finale on E!

What an incredible season it has been! The most amazing, and most life-changing year for me without a doubt. I feel so blessed and thankful for everything that has happened to me, and to us as a family this past year. I’m so glad we could share all of our experiences with you guys and I hope you enjoyed watching this season. Love you guys!

Watch the finale tonight at 10/9c on E!


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  1. a.jdoll  |   Posted on Sep 5th, 2011

    I cant believe the season has come to the end again :( cant wait to see the proposal and the wedding though! xx

  2. saibah8411  |   Posted on Sep 5th, 2011

    Why hate? just becuse Kims everything you want to be,
    Kim this is soo cute what he done! im exited for the episode to air here in the UK or i’ll just watch online! lol xo

  3. jackiekardashian  |   Posted on Sep 5th, 2011

    you’re right! what a year its been for you and the new addition to your family :) Congratulations Kim! So Happy for you! :)

  4. Thaís Augusto  |   Posted on Sep 5th, 2011

    I’m so excited *—*

  5. solene2109  |   Posted on Sep 5th, 2011

    Kris looks really nice, I really wish you as much of hapiness as Khloe and Lamar! guys! Check out my brother’s first music video if you can he is just trying to start out and he is so goddamn talented. :) you can like his facebook page if you enjoy it :)
    sorry don’t mean to spam .. just trying to help him out :)

  6. miariam  |   Posted on Sep 5th, 2011

    i’m so proud of you and your family you guys have came from a long way over the years, i remember Khloe and her dad from when i was a teenager, i’m 30 now, kim you know your the next beounce, and always had a big booty. tell rob to stick withhis dads wishes and become a successful lawyer, and mom the most courgeous women walking bolly wood. love always Miariam

  7. kkzthebest!  |   Posted on Sep 5th, 2011

    I couldn’t watch this tonight as I have to work tomorrow so I won’t play the clip and just repeat to myself: I can’t watch it yet, I can’t watch it yet, I can’t watch it yet, lol…

  8. mari325  |   Posted on Sep 5th, 2011

    Kim im so happy for you and Kris. I hope you have many years of wedded bless. Can’t wait to see the wedding special. One thing I do have to say is that instead of spending millions of dollars on another house, yeah it’s a gated community, and I know you are worried about your privacy and papprazzi but no matter where you live and go they are always going to there so you really get not privacy. Plus the house you live in right now is super nice and I can see you raising children there. Anyways instead of spending that money save the money for your future children or even you. Because right now you are LIVING OFF YOUR LOOKS AND BODY IMAGE and that DOESN’T LAST FOREVER so start thinking about how you spend your money especially in this economy.

  9. katjo  |   Posted on Sep 6th, 2011

    I rarely “blog” and only when I feel strong about something. Kris Humphries is a rare “diamond” in life, a man with spectacular qualities. You really found a man who loves you for who you are inside and appreciates your natural beauty. Khloe needs to not take it so personal; when Kris asked her if things were for real. Even Khloe wasn’t sure if you had rear end enhancement. You were just blessed with good genes. Kris didn’t seem to be an avid fan of the show watching every previous season (saw last show for the season tonight). He would have known the answers to his questions. He is great person in how he stood up for Scott and sincerely trying get along with everyone. Kris gives you respect and you give him respect too. You both are perfect for each other and he is not afraid to be sincere. He wants you both to make the best of your finances for the rest of your life together. He is trying to do what he was taught by his parents to do (admirable quality). It is adorable the kindness and sincere respect you share for each other. You have waited a long time for the right man to share your life with. Your Dad from heaven above has found men who truly love and understand each of his daughters. Best of wishes for a long happy life together, Kris is a great guy.

  10. aamaziing  |   Posted on Sep 6th, 2011

    Can’t wait til tonight when I’m gonna see the last episode!!! :)

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