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This is crazy! I am NOT pregnant! Magazines can be so tricky with their wording! The inside states that one day I want a baby! But I’m not pregnant!

I can foresee lots of crazy, made up stories coming out in the near future and I certainly don’t have time to shut down every rumor. But believe that if you hear it from me, it will be true. Otherwise, don’t always believe what you read, dolls.


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  1. Emerald*  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2011

    ***Thats exactly why i love coming to your website to check on my Kimmy Kim! These magazines are rediculous and because they flip the script most of the time its hard to believe half the things they write… Love you Kim and thanks for clarifying that to your fans. I def wish you best of luck in everything you do and hopefully ur dream of having a baby can come true soon after your wedding! LOVE YA!!!! ***

    • Athena  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2011

      Hi doll! when I see those magz, I dont believe anything. thats why I come to your blog, to get THE REAL DEAL.. Love u Doll XOXO

      • ..::* ♥Mrs. Aracely Sanchez 2610♥ *::..  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2011

        We believe you Kimmie! Im sure when you get preggo you will tell us about it! love you!

        • ♥ Mara Garcia ♥  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2011

          I so wished this was true I can’t wait til you have your baby gril/boy ! Sis, I know when your ready you will let us know! Welcome back home miss & love you!! XO

          • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2011

            wow stories that soo many people make up are crazy. l don’t see the point of making up lies.. Thank you for always keeping us in the know.. xo

          • chary  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2011

            the press can generate many false stories is that when that special moment for you and we’ll know in your mouth! do not pay attention to these comments, kisses dear kim

    • dominiquemedina  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2011

      Totally agree

      • anita 22  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2011

        tnx for always keeping in touch with us..hope you are not upseting too much..enjoy this special time of your deserve all the happiness of this world! Love you

  2. popstar569punk  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2011

    OMG.You must be happy to be having a baby.the husband must be so sweet for you to marry him.

  3. popstar569punk  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2011

    I’M so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mary-anne_  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2011

    Hi Doll! I love the fact you sharing everything with us! I know those magazines are not just tricky, they are absolutely crazy, I mean…really. I come to your blog every minute and i don’t believe anything else.:) Love ya!!!

    • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2011

      i agree. i never believe anything unless i see it here on her blog first :)

      • mary-anne_  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2011

        I am just blown away about all of those stories!! So how do they get away with all this? I just wonder…

  5. popstar569punk  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2011


  6. bnena638  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2011

    that’s why i don’t read those type of magazines anymore, cause all they print is LIES!! congrats kim on your engagement:]

  7. popstar569punk  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2011


  8. gnh21  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2011

    Dear popstar, if you didn’t notice she said she WASN’T having a baby… So we will have to save our congratulations for the day she does. But for now people need to give Kim her space. This is an exciting time in her life and its sad to see that desperate people will go to such measures as to say she is pregnant just to stir things up and get some attention. Kim, congratulations on your engagement and when the day comes for you to have a baby I’m sure you will have gorgeous children and be a wonderful mother just like your sister is to Mason. Again, congratulations and the best of luck to you and your hubby during this exciting time and your new lives together.

  9. dashd0ll  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2011

    The media is insane!! how do they get away with this!!

  10. kkzthebest!  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2011

    I hadn’t even heard about this or had seen this…that’s a good thing…The media picks on you way too much…definitely targeting the body shape the most, at least that is what I’ve noticed…I’m sorry this happened to you! Love ya.

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