Hi dolls! The weekend is here! What a week it’s been. I had a great time meeting everyone at the Macy’s Glendale appearance for my fragrance, went on a whirlwind trip to Dallas for a Fusion Beauty appearance at Nordstrom there and then it was back to LA to head to QVC to reveal our fab new items for K-Dash! Did you guys watch us live last night?

What are you guys doing this weekend? Are you excited for the Oscars?


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  1. anita 22  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2011

    You had one busy week doll! Again! That means your projects are going well and the number of your fans is growing every day! woooohoooo! tnx for inspiring me every single day…love you..have a nice & relaxing weekend! xo

  2. cometome2  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2011

    oh my goodness where is Farzeen?is not possible she is not here ha ha :D

  3. amberkay3x3  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2011

    SO excited for the Oscars! have a great weekend kim <3

  4. i luv kim kardashian  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2011

    I cant wait for the Oscars. I hope to see you on the red carpet in a stunning dress. Theres only one bad thing though: No Kourtney and Kim Take New York until March 6th. :(

  5. ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2011

    hey kim! just got back from bebe and bought some jewellry from your line there. so pretty! hope you have a great weekend!

    • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2011

      your line with Bebe is doing so well here that there were just a few pieces left and i was lucky to grab them!

  6. misselle45  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2011

    Hey Kim! I’ve been reading your blog almost since the day you started it, and I’ve finally just created an account! Thank you so much for tirelessly posting every single day, showing us parts of your life, and letting us experience little bits of your world. :)

    Will you ever be posting old school pics again? Since I’m in my early twenties, it would be really cool to see pics of you from around that time. Like, what you were wearing, what kinds of things you were into, etc.

    Anyway, best of luck! From a superfan!

  7. jessica68  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2011

    Hi Kim!
    I really love your family. You girls are all so lucky to have one another. I want to be a Kardashian! I come from a dysfunctional family, no sisters to be close with (I have a half sister 27 years older than myself; I am eee gads 42.) I have some requests for you to think about. I have checked out your bathing suit line. I love it, but how about a version of your line for us women who don’t have the bods of 20 somethings. Seriously, your market will be much broader if you expand it. I really hope you consider it.

    I want to hang out with you guys. I wasnt kidding when I said I wanted to be a Kardashian. I don’t have close family and watching ya’ll together is so nice … makes me long for what I can’t have and never will. BOO. How about a contest to hang with you guys?? Ask Kris if she will adopt me (my parents are long deceased. for reals…. stinkers, huh?)

  8. Christy-marie Boisvert  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2011

    Hey kim,
    Busy week,for a fab woman! Your soooo amazing! Your soooo inspiring that anything is possible if you put your mind to it! Your confidence is contagious! I love fashion,but what makes us fab,is being comfortable with yourself! A smile completes any outfit! I’m new to your blog,I thought I try it out,and see if I ever meet or hear from you! Keep up the fab work! I can’t wait for the “oscars” I soooo love fashion! Bye kim.

  9. cluvzp  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2011

    i wasnt there but i work at macys and i was sooo excited you were going to be there…..so sad i didnt get to meet you

  10. kkzthebest!  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2011

    Well well well…guess where I’m at yet again! Got brought back into the hospital yesterday (friday) for a DVT!! a blood clot! It’s so crazy! I have only had one day at home and I’m already back hooked onto an I.V.! The doctor wants me to stay here for atleast the next 4 days and then be off from work for two weeks while being on a blood thinner. I think I might have an oscar party in my hospital room though! We just had a new addition put on our hospital here…it’s really nice! Hope you’re having a better weekend then me! Love yah!

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