Kim Kardashian Super Bowl Commercial ShapeUps Sexy Skechers

Ahh, did you guys see my Skechers ShapeUps Super Bowl commercial. Bye bye trainer….HELLO SHAPE-UPS!!!! What did u guys think of the commercial?


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  1. Ray Drecker  |   Posted on Feb 9th, 2011

    hi this is ray!

    You will come to austria vienna? I´ll be there!



  2. astrid yardley  |   Posted on Feb 9th, 2011


    Just wanted to say your commercial was amazing, you and your family are so adorable, I relate to them all very well as my familys very similar! Very open etc,
    I am your biggest fan from here in New Zealand :-) Also loving the kkty, its great, love love love you guys xx
    Also when is the website to dash going to be up and running?? I saw a jacket I wanted a while back when the site was working and am gutted I dodnt get it then
    thanks, would LOVE a reply xxxxx

  3. kkisawesome  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2011

    Kim your soooo amazing

  4. perfinamika  |   Posted on Feb 24th, 2011

    i love ure it

  5. emily74561  |   Posted on Apr 19th, 2011

    I’ve been a fan for years and was soooo disappointed that you agreed to make this commercial, which wrongly suggests that a pair of shoes can substitute the professional advice and supervision of a licensed trainer. Surely you have hired a trainer for yourself, so this is especially puzzling and disappointing that you would minimalize, ie dismiss, the worth of an entire profession.

  6. joeybeautydashhhhian  |   Posted on May 5th, 2011

    u are amazing, the best i could ever have!:)

  7. J.U.D.I ♡  |   Posted on Jun 14th, 2011

    What an amazing woman!!

  8. josavimbi  |   Posted on Oct 21st, 2011

    hey kim i love you so much and dying for you everyday,i just want to be cleaning your room

  9. abbassee  |   Posted on Jan 14th, 2012

    pure slutt
    jxt making a bad environment fr youngsters to come…shud b kicked off…fear God,u have to go to grave one day,wt wud u take with u??

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