Kim Kardashian Skechers Super Bowl Commercial ShapeUps Sexy Steamy

Check out these screenshots from my Skechers ShapeUps Super Bowl commercial!! Pretty sexy, right?

You’ll have to watch the SuperBowl on Sunday to see exactly what happens… but I break someone’s heart in the end. The commercial will air close to the 2 minute warning during the second half of the game!! I can’t wait for you guys to see it!


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  1. Meg Pieper  |   Posted on Feb 2nd, 2011

    hi kim I get more always and harsh at times i want the best for you I don’t want to see you really hurt or screwd.How come you and your family continue to back scott up.intouch magazine has that scott wants you then kourtney and i have herd that scott has hitted on you before and told him to get lost this leach is going to break up your family i see it is going to grow up hating on the family this is crazy and trying he is a losser useing your whole family for fame and don’t trust him he will write out your whole family love ya

    • ashleyforreal  |   Posted on Feb 3rd, 2011

      honey, don’t believer everything in those mags, thats one reason I NEVER buy them, I can get all that stuff from free on the internet, true or false. Point is – Scott, Kim & Kourtney are all laughing about that InTouch cover, that was a total stretch and no one believes it.

  2. Kim answer

  3. Je suis facebook

  4. C’est Turf

  5. I work trade

  6. I’m hom

    • ashleyforreal  |   Posted on Feb 3rd, 2011

      YO ZAK, you know you can make one LONG comment instead of 5 short ones….just thought I’d help you out. This site is not limited to 2-3 words per comment.

      Ok, who is the dude in the photo? Some say Kris Humphries, but seeing how this is a Skechers deal, I’m guessing this deal was made way before you hooked up with him. Regardless, I think you two should hook up & stay hooked! I see you changed your wish list a little cuz he’s a tall one. but change is always good! Get it girl!

  7. rebeccahutton  |   Posted on Feb 3rd, 2011

    Wish I lived in America so I could see everything straight away :(

  8. C’est calm

  9. C’est moi

  10. dakotaboy  |   Posted on Feb 3rd, 2011

    Ms Kim Kardashian,

    My name is Leslie Ann Betts, I am 55 yrs old. I live at 713 Lemay Drive, Bellevue, Nebraska 68005, My home number is 402-292-5869.

    I have a wish, and I know you could make it come true. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Myloperlifertive Neoplasm, it is a non cureable form of luekemia. I found about it on May 17th 2008. I was told by my doctor there was no cure, and I had a few years to live.
    I have a x-husband Steve Betts, whom I live with and a 33 yr old daughter Kari, My parents are both deceased and I am glad at this point, so they would not have to endure me telling them what is wrong with me. I know they are in heaven with God and they know and are watching over me. My X-husband is a huge fan of yours, he thinks you are the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, and a picture signed by you would make his day….haha

    My faith has been restored since this disgnosis, and I pray everyday to God & his son Jesus Christ to help me through this and help with a cure, that not only would help me, but others with this disease. I have been to the Mayo Clinic, which is a wonderful place and met many others with the same disease, and I pray for a cure everyday.

    I am in the process of trying to get disability from work, since the disease and medication makes it extremely hard for me to work, and at 55 yrs old, I never thought I would not be working. I was a 911 operator for 26 yrs, and just recently for the last 5 yrs, have worked for the Bellevue Police Department and City Of Bellevue helping the public with code enforcement issues, I have helped people most of my life and have met some very nice people, alot of them older and they have been so good to me. I miss not having contact with them now since I am not working.

    My doctor is Dr Stephen Thome at 402-593-3141 in Papillion, Nebraska.

    My all time wish besides a cure, is to get rid of the medical bills that I have, which I had to use some of my retirement to pay. I never thought I would be asking you Kim and your sisters and especially your mom of all people to possibly help me. The bills and loans total $19, 785.00.

    I have watched your show numerous times, I have laughed alot, cried alot and have been awed by you and your family. I know you are a special and warm hearted and giving person. You are lucky to have loving sisters and a wonderful mom and step-dad. My parents are deceased and my daughter works 2 jobs, and I have no one else to turn to to ask for a miracle, so I am asking you Ms. Kim to please reach into your kind and loving and giving heart to help me, a single woman from Bellevue,Nebraska. I do not want to burden my daughter with any bills, if I should pass away in the next few years, as it will be hard enough her to handle me not being here anymore. I know in my heart, I have lived a pretty good life, and spent the most incredible time with my parents and to this day, miss them terribly. I have a wonderful and beautiful daughter who I am so afraid of her being hurt and alone. Kim you ask your mom, I am sure as a mother she would tell you how hard it is to lose a parent to a horrible disease, ans I know you are fully aware of this with the passing of your wonderful dad.

    I have no where else to turn, I have been denied loans, Life insurance and am having a hard time trying to keep my health insurance. I gave you the number to my doctor, so you can call him to verify my illness or for any other information you may need to render a decision.
    I have even sent a request to Oprah Winfrey, with no response at all, I guess I am not surprised.

    Thank you for letting me come into your life with this short story and request for help.

    God Bless you Ms. Kim and your family

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Leslie Ann Betts

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