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I’m so excited to announce that our Kardashian Kollection will launch exclusively at Sears in August!!!

We’ve always shopped at Sears, so we thought it was the perfect outlet for the Kardashian Kollection. You guys are going to love it! The collection includes everything from lingerie, clothing, handbags, accessories and shoes and Khloe, Kourt and I each put our own personal style into the pieces so there’s a lot of variety and something for everyone!

You’ll be hearing a lot more from me about the collection this year, so stay tuned!


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  1. Rachel Murray  |   Posted on Jan 12th, 2011

    Hey Doll,

    OH EM GEE. I’m beyond stoked. CanNOT wait until August.


  2.  |   Posted on Jan 12th, 2011

    Congradulations on the expansion,growing everyday. Love You and the Fam.

  3. Sweet♥n♥Tart  |   Posted on Jan 12th, 2011

    Fab!! I can’t really afford to shop at Dash, so now I can buy some of your klothes, hehe!

  4. lauriechav  |   Posted on Jan 13th, 2011

    im soo excited i hope u run size 5 for shoe cause story never have size 5 =(

  5. missylovett  |   Posted on Jan 13th, 2011

    Hey girl! This is so exciting for you guys! So happy for you! Are you gonna be in Miami with Loren for WC? Hope to see you there!!

  6. bethany28  |   Posted on Jan 13th, 2011

    got Kims perfume and lotion set LOVE IT!!!! You did a great job Kim on the perfume and design you and your sisters are awsome Mason is adorable and much love to Khloe and Lamar and Kourtney and Kim and the whole family

  7. playtone22  |   Posted on Jan 13th, 2011

    I’m SO excited about this – now hopefully there will be clothes I can actually afford. I SO wanted some of the Bebe items, but that’s just a bit high for me to spend in this economy

  8. astrina  |   Posted on Jan 13th, 2011

    I think it is a GREAT idea to launch a line! FINALLY!!! :) I cant wait I am so excited!!!!!

  9. Patty Burchett  |   Posted on Jan 17th, 2011

    Please have your research and development team contact me…
    I have inspiration of a new, trendy wallet that I only want to share with Kim K. (and her team, of course) then she can decide if she’d like to incorporate it into the Kardashian Kollection or their QVC line. And I do not want any kickbacks other than a finished product done in white leather. Thanks for your time! Smiles and Hugs!!

  10. ChelleBella  |   Posted on Jan 17th, 2011

    This is a great idea! Those of us who love your fashion sense will be able to rock it at an affordable price!

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