Kim Kardashian Top Search Term Bing Number One

OMG! This is so insane! I just read that announced their most popular search terms for 2010 and I am at the top spot!!!!! It’s just crazy to me to think that people search for me on Bing more than they search for any other person.

So whether you’re reading this because you searched for me and found my blog, or you’re one of my fabulous, loyal fans who visits my blog regularly, I just want to say thank you. I’m really honored (and a little shocked) and thankful to you all for always supporting me.

In case you’re curious, the top 10 search terms this year were:

1) Kim Kardashian
2) Sandra Bullock
3) Tiger Woods
4) Lady Gaga
5) Barack Obama
6) Hairstyles
7) Kate Gosselin
8) Walmart
9) Justin Bieber
10) free


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  1. ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

    wohoo! thats awesome.. im so happy for you..

    • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010


      • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

        oh look! the ugly step sisters decided to post pics of themselves

        • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

          nothing you say to me is gona hurt me.. its sweet that you take the time off to talk to me :) xoxoxo luv u

        • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

          oh and also.. im not leaving this blog im here to stay. xoxoxoxoxoxo i luv you two ladies :)

        • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010


      • Efrain Reyes  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010


      • Crystal Leigh Knippa  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

        I have never been on this blog before. But I will say, after today I can say that I have seen cyberbullies. You should be nicer to people. You are trying to bully & make people feel stupid & calling them losers and so on…people kill themselves because of people like you. Low life bullies!

        • Amy Krete  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

          don’t you mean advice?… internet bully.

        • Crystal Leigh Knippa  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

          No one asked you for advice. when you tell strangers that they need to get a life when they didn’t say a word to you that is bullying. You know it…you are just trying to make yourself feel better or something. There was no reason for you to say anything to anyone! Especially commenting on every single comment that anyone posts telling the to get a life? Really?

      • ILOVEKIMtheMOST  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

        lol and what are u?? u seem to know she comments often so I guess u gave up your day job as well. If you are not happy for Kim then why are u a member on her website and why do u read everything she post.. true definition of a hater.

      • Amy Krete  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

        I happened to meet Farzeen at Sherway Gardens mall where we all got the chance to meet Kim… I didn’t see you there. I also didn’t see the part where Kim did a blog post about you. I believe it was about FARZEEN!!! get a life. Your so rude, you need to get off of here. Kim is the sweetest person in the world, and her real fans like Farzeen are too and are here to support Kim every step of the way!

      • Amy Krete  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

        learn how to spell and speak. Internet bully. You spend so much time on here bullying people you should at least know how to type properly.

      • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Nov 30th, 2010


        • Crystal Leigh Knippa  |   Posted on Nov 30th, 2010

          I do want these people to have a life through an internet blog if that is what makes them happy. Seeing Farzeen’s last comment proves that she does feel bullied by you. I am not selfish or narrow minded. I am just someone who doesn’t like to see people bullied. I hate people who impose their will and what they think is normal on other people. You said that if you continued for the next year you would be as sad as the rest of them…they are not sad. They are just happy fans who enjoy spending time on a blog. Well, enjoy it until someone comes up on every comment they make & posts that they are losers and need to get a life. They have a life. There is nothing wrong with their life. If they want to be on here ever freaking hour that Is what they want to do. If they are weren’t happy being on here then they would do something else. I am so sorry Farzeen. There is nothing wrong with you being here. I just can’t understand why a person that doesn’t know you would try to make you feel like what your doing is weird. It’s not.

    • emma-love-kk  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

      Congrats kim !! You are just Georgous !

    • abcd12  |   Posted on Dec 15th, 2010

      very sad, and pathetic..i wish people would consider searching something more important than a worthless money hungry woman with large boobs..

  2. Wendy Jordan  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

    Awesome! I’m sure I contributed to that stat…I search yall’s stuff all the time :)

  3. mary-anne_  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

    I did too! LOL I am on your blog avery second i get. But I love you and I feel part of your life , so I thing that’s normal.:) Y are great , Kimmie!!

    • mary-anne_  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

      Yea, i agree, we are all loosers here.LOL But a happy ones.:) hope that this makes u a little happy too.LOL I guess 5 mln ppl are loosers in here, and y two came to let us know.thanks Dolls :)

      • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

        i know eh? they are dumb.. they must be 12 yrs old. luv u mary anne

        • mary-anne_  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

          I am in CALI, DOll, the gay marriage is ‘IN” , even if I ain’t gay, but u talk like y just came out of prison or something, or y r still in there? why y so mad? ( This is for those 2 b…es)

        • Kassia Shaline Dukesa Agostinho  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

          Frazeen… I’m not ur friend dnt even know you but i got ur back gal…. lol, they hating on you.. dnt worry they just admire you for being the 1st one to comment in almos every post and also because of ur pic with kim! :D

          Let them hate.. they want to be just like you (**,)

        • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

          kassia thank you so much. i truly appreciate you :)

    • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

      i luv u too

    • mary-anne_  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

      Who cares what y hate? LOL The point is that I am making it!How about y?

    • Brittany Steiner  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

      wow you are one sad girl. not only did you misspell things like SENTENCE and DEFINITELY.. but you stalk kim’s blog to harass her fans? girl you crazy stupid. i laugh at you for being a flaming moron but it is seriously upsetting that so many people like you exist. full of hatred and drama. disappear you nobody! ;)

      • Crystal Leigh Knippa  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010


      • Brittany Steiner  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

        lol you are trying to correct mY grammar… meanwhile you are saying ” i do a law degree”. and below me.. i cant even understand what you are saying i don’t speak retard. and goodnight!

      • Crystal Leigh Knippa  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

        It’s none of your buisness to give people advice. They didn’t ask you for it. They are happy with who they are & are happy with their lives. You are the one telling them it’s not good enough when they are perfectly fine & happy. They didn’t ask you for help. They don’t know you…leave everyone alone & just stop with the comments. It’s known of your BUISNESS!

    • Brittany Steiner  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

      and YOU! you talk like a damn illiterate! and you are just riding on the coattails of a blonde low life? come on guys! use this time to help out society. maybe volunteering? or helping kids? maybe then you will grow a heart and a brain! but for now you are just taking up space on our beautiful planet! YOU… VANISH! :)

      • Brittany Steiner  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

        i cant believe i am responding but i am also a college student. and i know plenty of morons in college, so relax. i speak like i am from the bronx? AINT IT TRUE!

      • Crystal Leigh Knippa  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

        Or…stalk Kim’s fans like a crazy freak. Cause that makes more sense.

      • Crystal Leigh Knippa  |   Posted on Nov 30th, 2010

        Yea…I was not talking about the amount of time you have been on here! I was talking about the amount of posts you have posted…so many that it’s crazy. Once again…its none of your buisness what people do. The funniest thing about all of this is, everyone else on here agrees that you two are mean. If that many people were saying that I was rude I would apologize to them.

  4. Laqueta Hodge  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

    Congratulations Kim! I’m on your blog everyday. You deserve it!

    • Crystal Leigh Knippa  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

      Why don’t you both mind your own buisness. And learned how to spell. You may know how and are just too lazy to actually form words. You two are the ones who look lonely, pathetic, & mean. Attacking everyone on here. Don’t you have a life? Seriously…

      • Crystal Leigh Knippa  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

        Seriously…I realized that right away. It was a typo it had nothing to do with how I spell & your reply was even wrong…I wrote learned not leared. My only statement is that you need to mind your own buisness. Your not helping anyone. You say you are but you are just being a jerk to people. You say you aren’t bullying but you are commenting on everyone’s comment’s. No one asked you anything. You are making fun of people for being on here & calling them loser’s & all kinds of stuff when they didn’t say anything to you. Why are you making fun of them when you have been on here all day too?

      • Crystal Leigh Knippa  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

        Tell me where you wrote a nice comment….If there really was one then I will congratulate you for it. But all I have seen is you bullying people. Someone says congrats to Kim and you tell them they are losers & that they should get a life. That’s just crazy.

      • <3Luzzie<3  |   Posted on Nov 30th, 2010

        i guess they got tiredd of commenting on other peoples commentss!!

  5. DimePeaz  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

    That’s wonderful!!!! You are an entrepreneur and that is a gift. You are a hard worker: selling products, clothes/shoes/jewelery, doing commercials, hosting, and doing magazine covers, you have a big weigh on your shoulders. But, Kim you are handling every single job with great ease and I admire you for that! Thank You!

  6. bigbrudder  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

    Congrats! On another note, I have a sister whose a huge fan and wanted to know if there are any public appearances coming up in NYC where she could get the chance to meet you. Her birthday is coming up and it would be the perfect gift from her big brother. Thanks!

  7. DimePeaz  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

    I think everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but please if you don’t like Kim then get off her website. THIS IS A HATE FREE ZONE. Im not going to bash on you but, be respectful. WE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING TO YOU…. if you say all these things then why are you taking the time to reply to every single person???

    • Crystal Leigh Knippa  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

      You two could not do what she does. You will say that you could & probably even say you could do it better. But no one even wants to see you on here. So, you couldn’t. She does work hard. And you two are pathetic.

      • DimePeaz  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

        I second that. Kim is traveling 24-7, making money, and that is my motivation to be a HARD WORKER and become successful. The definition of a hard worker is a person who puts 100% into their job and it is not an error in presumption it is a fact! And who ever doesn’t see that then obviously they are ignorant….ohhh and by the way…the word “FOO” USED IN THIS SENTENCE [just loving every1 up on the internet like some lonley foo ] YOU SAY YOU GUYS ARE 20 YEARS OLD BUT USE “GANGSTER” LANGUAGE AND SPELL INCORRECTLY . YOU ARE CALLING US LOSERS AND IGNORANT…WOW! THATS ALL i GOT TO SAY ABOUT THAT ONE.

        It is not nice to bully you telling( Farzeen) not “Fartzeen” [OMGG u completly are such a loser im losing my hope in mankind. ] Im losing hope for mankind because of people like you who disrespect others and their opinions.
        Im going to pray for you.
        Treat others as you like to be treated.


    • jessliv  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

      i’m not so sure kim would be happy with you hopping on her site, spewing hate; you’re very inconsiderate and cold. insulting those with mental disorders and telling people to take their gay marriage elsewhere is very hurtful, if not to those you are insulting, then to others who may be just coming across this site and reading your words. living with so much venom in your life (however petty and meaningless it may seem) is very toxic, not only to other people, but also to yourself. it’s the holiday season, preach love not hate.

      • Amy Krete  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

        does this even make sense? How do you know she’s dirty? Girls like you should all be sent to an island together where you can all bully each other and get ignore your insecure lives.

      • Crystal Leigh Knippa  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

        I’m just going to stop wasting my time on them. They are going to live a lonely life if they keep treating people so badly. People who would talk this way to complete strangers shouldn’t even be acknowledged. If only their loved ones could see how they are acting. They would be so ashamed. I just Pray that God shows them how awful they have been & they choose to change someday.

        • Crystal Leigh Knippa  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

          Help me understand. I want to understand! What exactly is it that you are doing here that I don’t understand? You two are the only ones that are being rude to people!

        • Crystal Leigh Knippa  |   Posted on Nov 30th, 2010

          Sure that makes sense…but you don’t actually know these people. They probably do have lives outside of this blog. And even if they don’t…life is short & if this blog is what makes them happy then that’s what they should be doing. If it didn’t make them happy they wouldn’t be on here. Everyone is entitled to live their short life however they want as long as it makes them happy. I see what you are saying but people don’t need to live their lives the way other people want them to. They need to enjoy life and be happy. I’m pretty sure these people are happy.

  8. tahneenw  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

    congrats kim!! that must be so weird but you deserve #1 doll!! you had an amazing year and i hope it doesnt end next year!! dont stop doing what youre you xoxo

  9. rebecca97  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

    lol ofcourse u r ur amazin i wish that i could go 2 the book signin but i cant itz a skool day i think but i atleaqst hop that u read my comments well u deserve it hop 1 day i can meet ya luv ya kim bi

  10. juansta559  |   Posted on Nov 29th, 2010

    duuuuuhhh kim u know wats up ur #1

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