Kim Kourtney Kardashian Ditched Birthday Party

Yet another ridiculous rumor.

In Touch magazine are saying that Kourtney and I are at war because she didn’t attend my birthday party at Tao. Kourtney is a mother! She has more important things to take care of and she had to be home with Mason! If she HAD been at the party all night with me, they probably would have reported that she should have been home with Mason and not out partying. How ridiculous is this story!?


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  1. mary-anne_  |   Posted on Oct 20th, 2010

    Hey, Doll, I don’t even read those things!We know that you People love each other to death!love ya!

  2. Mark Shahroozi  |   Posted on Oct 20th, 2010

    Tabloids just HAVE to find something to pick on people with. It’s really not fair and Kourtney is portrayed as the bad guy here! :( x

  3. ebonigonzalez  |   Posted on Oct 20th, 2010

    Kim dont let the stupid rumors get you down. Everyone knows you and your sisters love and support one another. Cool points for standing up to them…Let them waist their money on idiotic prints. Keep being fabulous. Y ou inspire me to keep going no matter what the nay sayers spread.

    …if you can please follow me back on twitter…that would be amazing:)

    Eboni Gonzalez

  4. ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Oct 20th, 2010

    it is crazy what stories the tabloids come up with. you can never win with the them.

  5. Mike McDonald  |   Posted on Oct 20th, 2010

    I don’t even waste money on those rags anyway. Besides, who cares right? I mean, it’s your personal life. And you’re right, if she had shown up they would’ve reported that she was a bad mom.

  6. almb1025  |   Posted on Oct 20th, 2010

    Kim I am so disappointed that I drove 2 hours to Toronto yesterday to meet you and by the time I went to the store to pick up my bracelet from the fusion beauty you already had left and it was only 4:50. It was said you were going to be there from 4-6 doing the meet and greet I really admire you and that was my only chance to meet you and get your autograph I only wish you hadn’t left so early.

  7. Ainatul Lutania  |   Posted on Oct 20th, 2010

    I love Mason! And yess, I wouldnt be pleased to know if Kourtney were out partying with you all night. She’s a mum now, its understandable. Dont worry Kim. :)

  8. arch angle  |   Posted on Oct 20th, 2010

    You know how magazines are just to make money. We know you all are realy closed. My daughter told me about your perfume and I just have to smell it.. I, had a sample and It smells beautyful.The smell last for three days.

  9. kimkarrules  |   Posted on Oct 20th, 2010

    I cant believe how low people go sometimes! dont let them get you down! we all know that kourtney loves you but she loves mason as well and she had to be with him! thats just part of being a good mother! you know the truth and they are just trying to make you upset so keep stong and jst ignore them!
    stay fab! :)

  10. charliesheens  |   Posted on Oct 20th, 2010

    Kim’s wearing another new fur coat thanx to her fans spending money on her products. lol

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