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Hi dolls!! It’s an all new Keeping Up with the Kardashians tonight at 10 on E! and a brand new The Spin Crowd right after!!!

Make sure you tune in tonight!!!! In tonight’s episode Khloe teases Rob and Malika about their relationship and it gets a little uncomfortable at dinner… watch the preview here.


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  1. carlitta87  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2010

    i cant seem to view the preview…is there another link?

    • Tamara  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2010

      ha hey kim your going to SA wow wish i could go ther do your ever come to texas?

      • kzndiva  |   Posted on Sep 27th, 2010

        Omg Kim you have so many fans in South Africa, I’m by far your biggest FAN IN SUNNY SOUTH AFRICA….LOL! Please please please tell me where you will be in South Africa and when, it’s been like my biggest dream to meet you. I love your show and never ever miss an episode or repeat! X

  2. Doris Novaković  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2010

    I’m from Europe and tonight the first episode started! I’m so excited about it! :)
    Unfortuntly I can watch this so I guess I’ll have to wait few episodes for it lol
    Love you <3

  3. karien-anne  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2010

    me too! can’t watch it!

  4. lou lou  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2010

    I’m watching a new episode of the show here in the uk Kim and omg Shengo is hot! LOL What a really nice guy too! Is he still your bodyguard ? Ha You should never let go of him! LOL xo

  5. mydatingdisaster1  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2010

    I can’t wait to watch it. Hey Kim get out my new blog

  6. Louise Grace Meston  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2010

    won’t let me watch it :(

  7. ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2010

    aww that is soo cute :)

  8. ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2010

    i see you going to SA in december im originally from south africa so yay! this will be your second time there. i remember i was visiting family there when you went last time and i missed you at the johanesburg airport by 1 hour :( lol

    • bigboys  |   Posted on Sep 27th, 2010

      please! add me as your friend!

      • mary-anne_  |   Posted on Sep 27th, 2010

        OMG, I want to go too!I’ve notice that Kim went to one of my favorite clubs In Johannesburg!Farzeen, can you imagine if we can go in December?Just a dream, girl! LOL In December their will be summer.How cool!

  9. Tamara  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2010

    Can’t wait to see KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHAINS<3 love this show glad they made a show like this

  10. LaTroy Watson  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2010

    HaHa. Malika & Rob Should Date! Khloe Stop! lOl. Let Them Date. It’ll be Alright Khlo-Money! <3

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