Kim Khloe Kardashian 90210 Premiere Preview Video

Tonight’s the night! Khloe and I are guest starring on the season 3 premiere of 90210! We had such a great time on set. The cast were all so sweet and AnnaLynne is a total doll. Make sure you watch tonight at 8/7c on The CW!

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  1. Dashing Doll  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2010

    New season hasn’t even started yet here in the UK!!! The wait awful! =(

    • Josenyn Enith Montilla Garcia  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2010

      that’s cuz the season starts today on the USA.!

    • nicolesb  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2010

      /–Girls-Hands-for-Help-fundraiser/?gid=1758 please kim please give to this fundraiser it help children with scholarship

  2. adriane007  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2010

    go, go Kimmie! ;)

  3. ashleigh166  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2010

    when does it start in the UK ??? :)

  4. kkzthebest!  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2010

    So frustrating!! I will NOT be home to watch this!!…all along I thought I would be…the one show that I can get on cable and I won’t even be home to see it!! I start my new job today and have a staff meeting tonight!! Oh, this makes me so upset!! :(

  5. ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2010

    really looking forward to it :)

  6. Meg Pieper  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2010

    hi kim love ya

  7. sjacobo  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2010

    hi kim love ur style
    u should post pictures of ur outfits

  8. Chandler Smith  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2010

    Kim you are so hilarious. I really like the fact you are looking at racks of clothes. I think that a lot or ladies/women, are shopping now, then soon the more Fall styles I look for will be out. I also am sad to say, but I have got to lightnen the load in my closet again. It never seems to go away and I know that I don’t wear that much. I know being a model, like you are pretty much, I thought you probably try new things, then get rid of them pretty fast. Like if you are paid to wear clothes by a famous designer.

  9. Lau xD  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2010

    90210!!!! can u believe it!? :)

  10. Laqueta Hodge  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2010

    I’m watching 90210 now and loved you and Khloe’s scene!

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