Kim Kardashian Quick Trim QVC

I went to Philly a couple of weeks ago to stop by the QVC studios and sell some QuickTrim!

We have these fab new products… Hot Stix and Satisfy Chocolate Fudge Soft Chews!!

The Hot Sticks are delicious berry drink mixes that contain green tea extract with EGCG for added energy, plus nutrients that may help to support healthy hair, skin, and nails. You just pour them in to a glass of water and you’re good to go!

The chocolate fiber chews help curb meal cravings by providing your body with a good source of soluble fiber in a delicious, chocolaty fudge bite. Eat one or two chews before or in between meals to help support normal, healthy blood sugar levels.

You can get both on the QVC website!

Did any of you watch me on the show? How did I do? I always get nervous during those live tapings!


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  1. mirale  |   Posted on Jul 7th, 2010

    LOL:P COooool :)) Love your Look :D xo:)))))

    • Hanane Faouzi  |   Posted on Jul 8th, 2010

      hey kim! i love you lots i wish to see soon and i like ur dash shops. i watch all ur shows ur the greatest !!!!! i support u 100%

  2. Lucy 'toots'  |   Posted on Jul 7th, 2010

    Hey Kimmy!
    Wow these new quicktrim products sound great! they ship to the UK?!
    ..I wish id of seen you on it beautiful..but i live in the UK… youll have done amazing you always do:)
    I Love you lots like jelly tots! x x x x

  3. bowman64  |   Posted on Jul 7th, 2010

    Love to watch your show. All you girls always look awesome. Maybe some time you could check out my candle web sit

  4. mary-anne_  |   Posted on Jul 7th, 2010

    Hi Kimmie!Is great that there is some new stuff, by the way how often can we use it? I don’t want to ask my Doctor, because I know what he will say.LOL That I don’t need those kind of products, but i used it and was really cool.Love you, doll! Y are the greatest!! And I support you 100%, no metter what you do!

  5. u look beautiful kim , love your outfit ,and u look in great shape , if you don’t mind me asking how much weight have u lost since using quicktrim ??

  6. heygorgeous  |   Posted on Jul 7th, 2010

    I wish about diet like this one, but I’ll never leave my beloved fast-food, ahhh. this is my little addiction.

  7. La Flaky  |   Posted on Jul 7th, 2010

    u look like ur mom in ths pic kim!!!

  8. cabaret12  |   Posted on Jul 7th, 2010

    Hello Kim, I was wondering about the quick trim. I have taken lots of diet pills and programs in the past and all of them have made me shake and get the jitters and then when i come off of them i get really really crabby. Does this product have the same effect?/

  9.  |   Posted on Jul 7th, 2010

    Wish I had the money to buy this stuff. I hate the way I look , and I lovde the way all of you look. You’re all gorgeous. Keep up the good work. your mother should be proud

  10. Taylor Hughes  |   Posted on Jul 8th, 2010

    I watched, i think you did great (:

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