Girlicious Kardashian Bebe Kim

My good friend Robin Antin‘s fab girl group, Girlicious, wore two of our Kardashian by Bebe dresses at the Much Music Awards last week!

Natalie is wearing our Goddess Dress and Nichole is wearing our Asymetrical Sleeve Bandage Dress.

I can’t wait to show you guys our new collection!! You are going to love it!


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  1. KeepingUP  |   Posted on Jul 1st, 2010

    Ok, off topic, I’m watching Regis & Kelly right now and they are saying that Khloe & Lamar are getting their own reality show, true? Regis is reading from his news paper.
    Cute dresses

  2. Magda Jarzab  |   Posted on Jul 1st, 2010

    nice dresses!

  3. irishsista  |   Posted on Jul 1st, 2010

    Hi Kim, just read on Khloes blog about Kardashian Khaos store opening. World domination by the Kardashians next!!!
    Well done,good for you and your family, i’m sure it will be a big hit will all over there. Doesn’t really effect us in Ireland though, still can’t buy any of your products over here, hint hint!! Good place for you to sell your tan etc is Boots you would cover Ireland & England customers if you sold in Boots, just a suggestion!

  4. Lucy 'toots'  |   Posted on Jul 1st, 2010

    Hey Kimmy!
    … im so proud of you beautiful Kardashian sissyys:) .. I am in Love with your Bebe line!!
    When does the new collection come out doll?!
    Love you lots like jelly tots x x x x

  5. sperez16  |   Posted on Jul 1st, 2010

    I completely love them, totally beautiful!! it’s just sad that i know i wont be able to afford them. It would be nice if you guys can think about us middle class people, that would be awesome.. thanks

  6. mary-anne_  |   Posted on Jul 1st, 2010

    O, I know already that I will love it!When is coming out, Doll? I love you and your sisters!So refreshing always!!

  7. Jenny  |   Posted on Jul 1st, 2010

    I wanted to ask if you could once again have a blog archive so we could go back by month/year to your old blogs. Going back page by page is tedious at best. I also tried to edit my profile and it said that the profile was not found so I could not change the ridiculously huge new password your new blog gave me, etc. Hope you’re having fun today!
    Much love & support,
    Jenny ♥

  8. ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Jul 1st, 2010

    I must say that the dresses are absolutely gorgeous! i can’t wait to purchase

  9. sabme  |   Posted on Jul 1st, 2010

    :) nice pic. :)

  10. msmodel38  |   Posted on Jul 1st, 2010

    I love the one on the left! I love the cut, although I wish it was it another! but, you all are putting out a great line! Keep it up! The clothes are to die for!

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