Kim Kardashian QuickTrim Indy 500

Hey dolls! I’m just uploading a lot of recent pics and found my pics from the Indy 500 event!

As u know QuickTrim sponsored a car, so we had the opportunity to go down in the cockpit and see it from the coolest view ever!

Jewel sang the national anthem… her voice is like an angel!

See more of my personal pics here!


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  1. ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2010

    you look like you had a blast! much luv xoxo

  2. mary-anne_  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2010

    I am glad that you and your family had a blast! You all looked so ready for the event!LOL Jewel looks like an Angel! Your energy is very positive, so i gues is spreading on us all.Have a great day!

    • ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2010

      hey bella! that’s soo true. i am in a good mood when i come on here and see kim smiling in a post. it makes me happy too. i would die to meet her. i really really really hope i can. i think i’d faint. lol. i hope it comes true. God willing.

      • mary-anne_  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2010

        Yes, I know how you feel! But let’s pray! I know that we will meet her! Not sure when, but we will! O, I will faint too.LOL

  3. adriane007  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2010

    damn girl! I’m woman but you’re so sexy and beautiful! For you – I change my sexual orientation and I’m jealous about this blondie from picture. She is standing next to you!

  4. natcat  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2010

    No doubt about it. Kim is a fox! Only she could look super hot in Indy threads, however, I am loving Jewel’s dress!!! I wonder where she got it??!!!!!!!!!

  5. mrmakeup  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2010

    your so flawless if u ever need a second makeup artist to give u that new sexy fresh look contact me im the best ….. Chris Anthony thanks.. love

    • smashbox  |   Posted on Jun 17th, 2010

      Mrmakeup, I’m sorry to tell you that NOBODY does it like MARIO !
      Kim only swears by him.
      And I remember what she said ” He is the concealer god ! ”

      haha, love you Kim.

      • mrmakeup  |   Posted on Jun 9th, 2011

        Mario is awsome .My dream is to do her makeup and i know i know she wont be disappointed im good at what I do and i know she will look amazing

  6. ashleighlilley  |   Posted on Jun 17th, 2010


    look like you had a lot of fun hehe
    and you look so pretty as usual lol..

    love you kim take care !
    from Ashleigh Lilley
    in New Zealand

  7. kardashianbabe  |   Posted on Jun 17th, 2010

    luv ur makeup!

  8. msmodel38  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2010

    You both look great! Jewel looks GREAT on the cover of SHAPE, you would have looked beautiful with her! Dynamic duo on the cover…how awesme would that have been. Speaking of the cover of SHAPE, you have yet to be on it, correct? You totally would look great just as you did with the cover of Cosmo! You must have SOOO many tearsheets in your portfolio (s) (I am sure there are multiple). I am curious, do you frame your covers? It may be a dumb question, but I was just curious, I can imagine your home with so many beautiful pictures. If I were you I would have one room with all your pics…god, you are one to be envious of, you’re just stunning!

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