I am in NYC! I had a fun night out last night with the girls Serena, Selita and Carla.

We went to Christina Aguilera‘s album release party and now I’m obsessed with her new album ‘Bionic’. You guys have to check it out!

Her voice is one of my all time favorites!


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  1. Shakyrutza Bby  |   Posted on Jun 10th, 2010

    I love Christina`s voice too, she`s a great artist. And you…gorgeous as always! :P

  2. ♥Farzeen♥  |   Posted on Jun 10th, 2010

    work it hunnie! u look hott kim

  3. ericamorgan  |   Posted on Jun 10th, 2010


    When is the Sony Ericsson Party?!? I would LOVE to go, and be made over by you! I think it would definatly help BOOST my self confidence, i have a 10 month old adorable son and any day soon i am expecting my 2nd!!! CRAZY YES….but i LOVE THEM! Having 2 children back to back has made a DRASTIC change on my young 24 year old body and i would LOVE to feel beautiful again!

  4. mary-anne_  |   Posted on Jun 10th, 2010

    You look great Kim!Nice pic! Nice dress too!

  5. myamoon1  |   Posted on Jun 10th, 2010

    It would be a dream to have a make over done by you for the Sony Ericsson Party!!! I love your style and would love to meet you. I am a big fan of yours from Chicago. Your style and look influences mine! PLEASE choose me! I am fun and outgoing and been waiting for an opportunity to meet you!

  6. Alix Martin  |   Posted on Jun 10th, 2010

    wow what a cool pix!!! i LOVE ur dress! it’s so pretty! where did u buy it??? i want the same dress!!

  7. kimmakemeova1  |   Posted on Jun 10th, 2010

    kim you always look hot!! duhlol

  8. morales2castro  |   Posted on Jun 10th, 2010

    hey Kimmy just wanted to say u guys look FAB in the Pixs… =)

  9. Magda Jarzab  |   Posted on Jun 10th, 2010

    I love christina! xx

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