I went back to blonde yesterday (don’t worry, it’s a wig!) at a shoot for Beach Bunny Swimwear with Kourtney and Khloe! This pic kind of reminded me of an old photo of Marilyn Monroe, with the glamorous mirror lights and the super blonde hair. I’m such a fan of hers! She is the epitome of old Hollywood glamour and femininity.

I always get really cold at shoots so I snuggled up with slippers and a blanket while we were waiting to shoot. Check out my nails, too! I’m obsessed with these new Minx nail coverings.

Khloe posted some pics from the shoot, so check those out, and I took a photo of Kourt blogging while she was waiting in the hair and makeup room, and she just posted it today on her blog.

For more pics from my photo shoots visit my Photo Shoots gallery!


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  1. kriscalabasas  |   Posted on Jun 3rd, 2010

    you look gorgeous blonde.

  2. noah  |   Posted on Jun 3rd, 2010

    I once dyed my hair blonde but people kept mistaking me for Pamela Anderson so I had to change it back.

  3. vegasqt  |   Posted on Jun 3rd, 2010

    Too cute!! I like your dark looks better, but you look good anyway
    Luv Ya Kim!!

  4. vegasqt  |   Posted on Jun 3rd, 2010

    I mean Locks..sorry I can’ spell today LOL

  5. KeepingUP  |   Posted on Jun 3rd, 2010

    I love it when your hair is completely straight. Does Mario do your make-up on these shots?
    When are you going to post pics of your new house? I’m dieing to see the bedroom you converted to a Salon.
    Oh and I’ve been meaning to tell you, I saw that twitter you sent out yesterday when that nasty person called you Miss Cellulite 2010, then you put that person on blast saying “I think I found my #1 fan” (something to that effect) I was sooooo proud of you for putting that person on blast – Good for you!!! (then they deleted their twitter account) HA HA LOL!
    I’m always on Us Magazine blasting those nasty pigs who talk mean about you.
    Girl, that’s a full time job, but I’m happy to do it! Like you said on Regis & Kelly, “I wish these people would post a picture of themself” ha ha Good one!

  6. Anna Sophia  |   Posted on Jun 3rd, 2010

    Kimmie you look amazing!! love ya baby girl!!

  7. Tasha Brown  |   Posted on Jun 3rd, 2010

    I like your hair when it is darker. Blondes don’t always have fun.

  8. Lucinda Baker  |   Posted on Jun 3rd, 2010

    kim you look gorgeous in just about anything but i do love your dark hair better luv ya will u be blonde for long or just for a shoot

  9. LaDonna Woodyatt  |   Posted on Jun 3rd, 2010

    Wow, Reminds me of Marilyn Monroe too!!! You should print that pic and have someone do an artistic frame or something with it! You look great every day! I DO like the blonde but your natural Locks are to die for!! But either way you look great!! xoxo

  10. yesenia ledesma  |   Posted on Jun 3rd, 2010

    NEATTT!! very creative i love it honestly .

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