Wow, this is such an honor! I am listed as one of People Magazine‘s Most Beautiful People of 2010. Thank you so much!!


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  1. Wow! that is such an honor! You deserve it!

  2. Linda  |   Posted on Apr 28th, 2010

    Very hot=) My bf loves you…lol

  3. stephanie  |   Posted on Apr 28th, 2010

    aww i like this picc :)

  4. andrea  |   Posted on Apr 28th, 2010

    I think u deserve it-I really think you have a big heart and ur beautiful inside and out.. n u def deserve it bc u work hard- congrats.. I love ur style, I got almost all ur clothing line,ect- one day u will I got faifth my screen name is sweetestgrlever

  5. andrea  |   Posted on Apr 28th, 2010

    I meant to write one day you will tweet me, my friends laught at me bc they said andrea give up she won’t tweet you she got millions of people tweeting her-I said I got faifth.. my tweet screen name is sweetestgrlever.. bc I m the sweetest girl .. :)loveu

  6. andrea  |   Posted on Apr 28th, 2010

    N I m going 2 miami 2morrow n I m going 2 your store dash.. love clothes too.. love. Fashion.. n I hope one day I get 2 meet you .. n again congrats :).. .adios .. n come bck 2 ny again he he

  7. daki  |   Posted on Apr 28th, 2010

    You’re amazing,
    I love you

  8. MsMateer  |   Posted on Apr 28th, 2010

    Congratulations. I need your help. I teach reading to 7th graders in Orlando,FL. I have a reluctant reader who idolizes you. Jokingly I told him you liked men who read. He said if I got a note from you saying that, he would read for me. Can you help me?

  9. warysnay  |   Posted on Apr 28th, 2010

    Mi amor no lo Dudes que tu estas buena.. yo diria que buenisssima

  10. blaccksugarr  |   Posted on Apr 28th, 2010

    oh kim u deserve it in any way my dear. i ll keep saying it ur beauty is not only outside but inside to the soul. my family admire u so much , and im still waiting for ur answer mis kim pls do me the honour too my surprising my daughter with a call on her

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