OMG! Have you guys seen the front pages of In Touch and Star today!? I can’t believe they would make up this crap! Where
do they get this stuff? Divorced, dumped and duped… I appreciate the
alliteration guys, but seriously!? My sisters and I have never been happier. I
swear, the minute anything positive happens in our lives, the media tries to
bring us down. I want you guys to know that these stories are completely
fabricated. Buy Life and Style this week- that
story about Khloe and lamar is true!

I want you guys to know  these stories are completely fabricated. Kourtney is not
haunted by Scott’s past and Khloe and Lamar are not having problems, in fact
he’s flying to Miami to be with her and, to be honest, Reggie and I have never
been happier. I am in no rush to get married nor do I need to get married to be
happy in my relationship. Reggie and I are perfectly fine!

The press will do anything to sell copies… do NOT believe a word and do NOT
buy Star or In Touch this week. Know that I will always keep you updated HERE
on my site. I am so happy I have my blog… I never want you guys to rely on
fabricated media stories and I’ll always let you know the truth when stuff like
this happens. I don’t want you guys to be
mislead by false stories, so know that you can always come here to my blog to
get the truth. So Kourtney, Khloe and I urge you all to NOT buy these magazines this


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  1. irod54  |   Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010

    I will refuse to stop believeing these stories Kim! I know Scott and Kourt are very happy together and that there are no issues at all!

  2. bebe2010  |   Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010

    Sometimes a lot of people feel that reading tabloids is the only time they can know what’s REALLY going on. Sometimes TV can edit things to make everyone’s lives perfect. It’s refreshing to see that “celebs” have problems too. But, Blog it is i guess :)

  3. missGiGibaby  |   Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010

    The tabloids are ridiculous!!! like u said, they will do anything to sell their magazines and I just hate when people make false statements about me so I know how you feel. screw them! lol

  4. Aladdin80  |   Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010

    Jealousy is an ugly color!! You rock Kim !!

  5. KimmyK'sBFFF  |   Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010

    Wow kim youre right that is so ridic what they are saying. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date letting us know everything is ok. And you are totally right if u and Reggie are happy u dont need a ring and a piece of paper to prove you guys are in love.

  6. ?Farzeen?   |   Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010

    im relieved its not true!! bc i looked at it and i was hesitant at first to read it. but then i figured if any of this bullshit were true you would tell us fans. wiish u the best. xoxo

  7. ?Farzeen?   |   Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010

    i did not buy these magazines :) luv u

  8. tasha94  |   Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010

    thats so stupid! and how did they both manage to get the same stories in the same week?

  9. steffipixie18  |   Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010

    thats so wrong..the media tries the best to make ppls life a living hell. forget them kim i <3 u regardless

  10. Alhan  |   Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010

    Remember not everyone has a conscious. Screw the weasels! Isnt that how life works, when someone is happy and going forward in their’ll have some serious haters try to bring you down. They are nobodies..they live through. u.

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