This week’s press clippings are all about fashion, fragrance and cupcakes!! Take a look through to see what I’ve been up to recently! And check out my Loren Jewels bangles… I am loving edgy, stand-out bangles at the moment… they add so much to an outfit and you can mix and match and layer them to create different looks.

As contributing beauty editor for OK! Magazine, I did a piece this week on how Mario created a fresh, natural look at New York Fashion Week! You must check out that feature to see the products Mario suggested!


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  1. Bubblegum74  |   Posted on Mar 5th, 2010

    Hi Kim, I am super broke but would love to come out an meet you and your family and have you ladies give me a makeover and teach me some makeup tips. I’m 35 and still don’t know how to properly apply it. I just really need a change.

  2. grace1  |   Posted on Oct 29th, 2010

    Hi Kim, Firstly Happy Birthday from Australia!! I know you loved you time here, the weather is superb now, come on down again!!
    Can I say you haven’t seen cupcakes until you have seen mine, Would love for you to have one, where can I send it??
    Please have aliik and tell me which one you would like….more than happy to do in your favopurite colour. Get in touch with me through my details, don’t want to infringe on regulations but in case you can’t find me I am…
    My cupcakes are the creme de la creme!!! ande have NO calories!!, please let me know what you think…love ya from Sydney Australia xx

  3. grace1  |   Posted on Oct 29th, 2010

    sorry about the terrible spelling too excited to get to this page.!!!

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