Superbowl Sunday was such a magical day! It started off so calm and we
were all relaxed, ready for the game, and it just
felt special and strangely serene. We left about 3.5 hours before the
game, just to make sure we got
there in time! Did u guys see my nails? I had Minx make me a special
pair that read BUSH with a #25 on my thumb! Love them!

When we got there the stadium was crazy! Everyone was there!! The
fans were so amped
up…it was just such a cool feeling and we couldn’t wait for the game
to start. It was getting a little hectic so Jonathan came back with this
of GI Joes! It was so funny, but they were so helpful and moved us
around the stadium fast! The guns were a little scary though.

Each player was given field passes for their family and friends, so
that when the game was over the family and friends of the winning team
could rush the field, so when the fourth quarter started we headed
down… hoping the Saints would finish
off the Colts for a big win and we would run on the field! It was the
best feeling ever when they won! We all rushed the field and couldn’t
wait to congratulate Reggie. After the game Reggie did interviews and
then he ran up in the crowd and saw Brody and Frankie! If you look
through the gallery there’s a pic of the three of them celebrating.
This was a magical day and a historic win, as The Saints have never been to a Superbowl,
let alone won one! Reggie, just like every other player, I am sure,
has dreamed of this day his entire life!
I am so proud of Reggie, The Saints and the city of New Orleans!
Who dat!!!


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  1. mary-anne  |   Posted on Feb 11th, 2010

    SUCH AN INCREDIBLE POST< KIM!!I felt like crying! Great pictures too!Everything was so wonderful. I lov ethis day!P.s. Love y nails!:)
    LOVE YA!!!

  2. KimmyK'sBFFF  |   Posted on Feb 11th, 2010

    Wow kim. what a blessing! I predicted the saints to win the superbowl when they were like 2-0!! My husband did not believe me back then and laughed in my face. who’s laughing now?! Go Saints!!! Congrats to the Saints and Reggie! I prayed crazy style 4 them

  3. Nicole'Jennifer(:  |   Posted on Feb 11th, 2010

    Kim, i’m soo happy for you Reggie and the whole team! that would have been soo amazing. congratulations guys! WHO DAT
    love you(:

  4. jmbear0586  |   Posted on Feb 11th, 2010


  5. Ophelia  |   Posted on Feb 11th, 2010

    Lovely pics Kim, love you all the way from Jamaica. Tell Khloe and Kourtney hello. the show is great!

  6. Kim, glad to c u finally gave Reggie some praise and aknowledgement U came off so selfish with all of your other post but a subtle shout out to the Saints for their victory I’ve always adored u Reg but I think you try to overshadow him way to much not cool

  7. This truly was a magical day. Thinking back on the moment the Saints won brings tears to my eyes. I had so much fun celebrating downtown after the big win.

  8. Mr. Chipsahoyte  |   Posted on Feb 11th, 2010

    I really enjoyed those pictures. Thank you for posting them. That was the greastest Super Bowl ever and the most enjoyable one I’ve watched. I’m still watching it on the NFL Network.

  9. bayoucracker  |   Posted on Feb 11th, 2010

    thanks kim love you and love reggie how did he like the parade? We love our saints

  10. Goddess305  |   Posted on Feb 11th, 2010

    Love ya kim!!! You and reggie are one of my fav couples :)~

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