Have any of you guys ever hiked at Runyon Canyon! I tried it the other day…. I usually am an indoor gym girl but thought I’d switch it up! It’s actually really nice to have some scenery to look at while you work out, haha!


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  1. Bella  |   Posted on Oct 19th, 2009

    Just want too let you know, that i love your Birthday dress, with the hood. where did you get it?

  2. lisa82  |   Posted on Oct 19th, 2009

    thats kool ! just watch out for Bears

  3. Dashing Doll  |   Posted on Oct 19th, 2009

    Work it Kimmie!

    I am starting running too, took me a while to get into it as I needed some cute running footwear..now I am ready to go!

  4. DeE34  |   Posted on Oct 19th, 2009

    Kim u look so great in your workout gear! I never hiked at Runyon Canyon or any canyon, LOL! I’m from Boston! I’m on the QT diet wish me luck.

  5. Carly :)   |   Posted on Oct 19th, 2009

    how do you even look stunnin when your running lol!
    defo an inspiration to me,
    you really make me want to work out lol
    Lav ya Kimmie keep doing what ya doing xx

  6. NewYorker  |   Posted on Oct 19th, 2009

    Running is my fav exercise. Central Park is a great place to exercise too

    xoxox NewYorker

  7. nic the wonder puppy  |   Posted on Oct 19th, 2009

    Are they magic shoes?
    Are you running for a cause? Or are you just running?
    Your friend Nic, I’m the wonder puppy

  8. You could have chosen a better background scene for your running picture. I don’t see nothing in the background except dirt, a fence, some cars and a hill. Bad job Kim.

  9. Mal-luscious  |   Posted on Oct 19th, 2009

    I haven’t tried exploring outside the gym. You’ve motivated me to try it!

  10. MsFierce  |   Posted on Oct 19th, 2009

    Okay kim so my fashion icons are beyonce and you! I love to check out what your wearing!My b-day is 2mrw & im thinking bout doing a classic dress with converse!!Im always classic and I want to change it up, whats your offical fb page so you can c pic’s?

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