We like to consider our nation one that promotes equality. But isn’t
that a little hypocritical considering there are so many people in this
country who are denied the most basic civil rights? It shouldn’t matter
if you are straight, gay, bisexual, black, white, rich, poor… every citizen
deserves to be treated as an equal.

My good friend Joe Francis visited Washington DC this weekend to take part in the National Equality March
and marched with thousands of gay rights activists all standing up for
gay rights and rallying to demand that President Obama stand by what he
promised this weekend at the Human Rights Campaign.

I think what President Obama has said he will do to move gay
rights forward is such a huge step in the right direction. It is a
breath of fresh air to see a leader be so open minded, modern and
understanding of people of all lifestyles. I just hope he stands by his
word. Equal rights for everyone!!!!!


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  1. JamieA  |   Posted on Oct 15th, 2009

    in response to the comment by Kimbz: no, harrasment, cruelty, violence are not things condoned by God. Treating gays with disrespect or hate is by no means acceptable. the word of God says homosexuality is a sin. beliving that doesnt mean you hate gays

  2. MitchAlx  |   Posted on Oct 15th, 2009

    Lets make insenstual marriage, underage marriage, polygamy & interspecies marriage legal too. y not? We americans have a right to that dont we? Love is love & I love my ps3. I want a legal binding contract with my ps3 & it has to be called “marriage”!

  3. Cathleea  |   Posted on Oct 16th, 2009

    Why do so may use chritianity as a crutch to dislike something cause it’s different. Didn’t God love everyone? Everyone deserves to be happy and everyone deserves that right to be treated EQUALLY. It’s not equl if some people can marry while others can’t.

  4. kris7  |   Posted on Oct 16th, 2009

    People aren’t using Christianity as a crutch they are just stating what they believe in because it’s what’s in the bible. As a Christian I don’t think it’s fair how everyone is allowed to say what they feel but the minute a Christian shares what they believe they are targeted as hateful and just old fashioned. Everyone is allowed to feel and believe except us. How is that fair? Christians aren’t perfect and we don’t claim to be we all make mistakes and sin but I just happen to believe in the sacrifice of Jesus. I don’t hate or dislike gays and neither does God but although God said he loved the sinner he also hates sin and although a sin is a sin the only sin he used the word abomination for was homosexuality. I know that people hate that word but I’m not the one who wrote it in the bible God did and he obviously felt strongly about it. So if a person says they believe in and follow God how can they not stand up for the things he stands for and that’s marriage between a man and a woman because the government didn’t create marriage God did.

  5. RAiNB0WFEMME  |   Posted on Oct 19th, 2009

    my 7 yr old brother ran around the house saying no on prop 8 cause i want my sister to be happy with who ever she wants. and belive u me he understand this very well. y cant u?

  6. Sandukht  |   Posted on Oct 20th, 2009

    Homosexuality is prevelant due to its social acceptence & it is leading to further degeneration of society’s moral fabric. To be gay is a personal choice for sexual preference it is different from being born of different sex, race, socioeconomic background

  7. Sandukht  |   Posted on Oct 20th, 2009

    Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God, He was without sin but on the cross Christ took all our illnesses and sins Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself so our sins can be forgiven and we may have everlasting life God is pure and no sin can enter his presence

  8. Sandukht  |   Posted on Oct 20th, 2009

    And in the Bible it is stated that homosexuality is a sin just like lying and stealing which cannot allow a person to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

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