I am thrilled to see the students of New York City taking the Get Fit Challenge seriously. My pick of the week is Rebecca from Rockefeller University who set out some great goals for herself like to putting only

healthy and natural things in my body, no drinking during the week, gaining physical and mental balance and getting friends involved. She even did a video blog of her and a girl friend working out in high heels to stay fashionable!! Just be careful in those heels, ladies. I love that they show how easy and fun it is- just grab a friend and make the most out of staying healthy

And remember… if you buy any of the Fit in Your Jeans by Friday DVDs online this month you get free shipping!


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  1. ?Farzeen?   |   Posted on Sep 23rd, 2009

    U are my idol kim and i luv learning new things from you. Keep on shining PRincess!!

    • ihatekim  |   Posted on Sep 25th, 2009

      Farzeen you need to get a NEW idol…someone who actually does something worth while with their life! any celeb who cannot give a fan (who is a child) and who is also sick, an autograph, does not deserve ANY fans at all!! refer to my comment on sep 23rd…

  2. nic the wonder puppy  |   Posted on Sep 23rd, 2009

    Finally a dog on your site, now your talking. Great move. I wonder if the dog could exorcise in heels?
    Your friend Nic, I’m the wonder puppy

  3. v602aznava  |   Posted on Sep 23rd, 2009

    quick question…. tiny black cotton dress with brown beading at the end with brown open toe wedges was wondering if black stockings would look funny with the open toe wedges…let me know please special event coming up…thanks

  4. x0jae  |   Posted on Sep 23rd, 2009

    I am not a Ny student but I am a Ma student! I am going to take the challenge on my own! Im realy excited! Im buying the dvds friday yay!!!!!!!!

  5. lucy  |   Posted on Sep 23rd, 2009

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  6. Swizeet

  7. ihatekim  |   Posted on Sep 23rd, 2009

    You may be beautiful on the outside Kim, but on the inside you’re a heartless bitch..i will not say HOW i know this, due to the fact i dont wana get someone in trouble on the inside. i wish i could say more n put u out there 4 wat u r…..

    • niggazwithattitude  |   Posted on Sep 24th, 2009

      she looks like a drag queen from the outside, anyone who needs and wears that much cakey makeup on a daily basis is definitely ugly on the outside too…lol. I bet she’s a guy posing as a chick. It’s her dirty little secret. wonder if she has balls.

  8. Martini_007  |   Posted on Sep 24th, 2009

    Oh this looks like fun. But im not good on heels :( i always think im going to trip..lol if i had a video camera i would do this too. in fact im also on a diet right now and my friend went to miami to buy me the quicktrim. im so excited.

    alrighty ciao


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