I went for my first eyebrow shaping with Anastasia last week and wow, do I
love my brows!!! She is the queen of eyebrows! When I went to her salon I discovered this new Lash Lifting Mascara that is incredible! I swear, I literally need one coat and my eyelashes have so much volume
and curl. Usually I feel like I have to keep applying coats to build up
volume, but this mascara is perfect!!! It has hard waxes and synthetic
polymers in that help build lashes to give volume.

I got it at
Anastasia Salon in Beverly Hills: Anastasia Beverly Hills, 438 North
Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills 90210. Tel: (310) 273-3155

You can also get it at Sephora, and Nordstrom.


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  1. Emily  |   Posted on Aug 31st, 2009

    Girrrrrl! I LOVE the shoes!

  2. Sahar <3 Kim!  |   Posted on Aug 31st, 2009

    wow Kim you look so hot!! i love your outfit and handbag! your my favorite role model! i love you


  3. lucy 'toots'  |   Posted on Aug 31st, 2009

    You Look so beautiful(Love the outfit)As strange as it sounds ive always been a fan of your eyebrows Lol & try to create your lookglad i now no your secret!Love you Lots like jelly tots thanks for being the best role model i could wish for your my hero x

  4. KIM KOLE  |   Posted on Aug 31st, 2009

    Kim Girl!
    You look great blonde, but I am ready for you to go back to brunette! I love the shoes, btw, you are always on point!

  5. i'lee  |   Posted on Aug 31st, 2009

    Anastasia is the best…she is from Romania, like me…:)))
    i love u Kim

  6. jeff in ga  |   Posted on Aug 31st, 2009

    must be nice bein a female! Yall get to experiment with dif products n different looks! We males are pretty much stuck wif whatever GOD decided to give us!

  7. ladeda  |   Posted on Aug 31st, 2009

    you look so amazing girll ! the hard work is really paying off!

    if you get the chance you should blog about what exactly your diet and exercise routine consists of! i’ve got all three of your dvds and i love them, but id like to do more!

    thanks doll

  8. Dashing Doll  |   Posted on Aug 31st, 2009

    Hey Kimmie, for some time I was going to ask you who does your brows. Who did them previously before you went to Anastasia? They always looks so perfectly groomed. I am an eyebrow freak! Lol I have spent much time here in the UK searching for the perfect brow queen, however when I found my brow queen she moved too far away for me to get to her, although I would travel if I could. Now I have to do my own, I’m not doing too bad of a job. I can thread so I do as much of that as I can on myself then I pluck the trickey hairs.

    Your outfit is so chic here!

    Dashing Doll xo

    P.S…1 Week til Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami aires in the UK!!! =)

  9. Kiki  |   Posted on Aug 31st, 2009

    SMH at the acid wash jacket. Acid wash is the worst thing that has ever happened to denim. A few years ago I cleaned out my mom’s closet and forced her to give a ton of clothes away to the Goodwill because she never gets rid of anything. I gave away a jacket that looked exactly like that. My sister and I were laughing so hard at that jacket. My mom kept telling us “watch its going to come back in style and you’re going to be sorry”. Well its back in style (I guess) and it’s still ugly and I’m still not sorry. Hope you didn’t pay too much for it Kim, because I’m sure it’s still at that same Goodwill I gave it to for the bargain price of $2.95.

  10. natalie  |   Posted on Aug 31st, 2009

    you look AMAZING!!! please start breaking down your outfits and tell us what your wearing and by who.
    your such a inspriation for fashion!!!

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