As you guys all know, I am launching my own perfume and I wanted to update you all on the progress. I’m working with Lighthouse Beauty to make it absolutely perfect and they have been amazing throughout the whole process. I asked you guys to help me choose the color for the accents on the fragrance bottle and although the dark pink won in the poll, sooo many of your responses on my Facebook and Twitter said that you loved the light pink and I agreed, so I have gone for the light pink!

I can’t wait for you guys to see and smell the final thing!!


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  1. The Man Who Wants to be A Woman  |   Posted on Aug 29th, 2009

    Kim!!!u look gorgeous in that picture!
    I cant wiat to purchase your perfume!
    Love u

    • Miami Princess  |   Posted on Aug 29th, 2009

      I am so upset I havne’t been able to email you. My email account with bellsouth is all jacked up and I can’t get into my emails. I can’t remember your email to email you from a different account. We definitely need to catch up!!!

      • E.W.  |   Posted on Aug 29th, 2009

        I also can’t stand it when e-mail problems occur. Things can be particularly bad if you’ve exceeded your uploads/downloads for the month, resulting in sluggish Internet speed and even slower e-mail reception (especially when larger files are attached).

      • The Man Who Wants to be A Woman  |   Posted on Aug 30th, 2009

        aaaww dont worry baby girl as long that u are ok! is all that matters! plus u going to be a bday girl pretty soon!!!
        send me an email though i wanna show u my new look!
        luv ya

        • Miami Princess  |   Posted on Aug 30th, 2009

          That’s the problem. I can’t get in my Bellsouth email account to email you and I don’t remember your email to email you from my AOL account. Yes, I am doing good, trying to stay motivated!!!

  2. NewYorker  |   Posted on Aug 29th, 2009

    I cant wait either! I know you have good taste.

    xoxoxo NewYorker

  3. sarah_jane  |   Posted on Aug 29th, 2009

    Sounds nice. What kind of fragrance is it? I’m a floral girl (stella, michael kors, etc are some of my faves) but like other families and if it suits me and it’s released in australia and cruelty free, I might buy one!

  4. Miami Princess  |   Posted on Aug 29th, 2009

    I voted for the light pink, glad you chose it! OMG Kim I am curious as to how you respond on twitter. I notice you only respond to ppl who have Kardashian attached to their username, why only them? So many of your blog fans are on twitter too and never get a response. One of your fans from the website was begging for b-day wish on her b-day the entire day and we both noticed how you responded to two ppl and wished them a happy b-day the same time she sent a msg. Kim, you know I am the last person to ever hate on you but just wanted to bring that to your attention. I will be one of the first to purchase the perfume, can’t wait! Congratulations, you deserve all the success that is coming your way!!!!

  5. LBOOGIE  |   Posted on Aug 29th, 2009


  6. bailee(:  |   Posted on Aug 29th, 2009

    you loook gorgeous!

    im gonna buy that the day it comes out!

    your my rolemodel!!!!(:

  7. BiancaNieves  |   Posted on Aug 29th, 2009

    what happened to my comment :(

  8. Quakerbsmeal  |   Posted on Aug 29th, 2009


  9. Stephy   |   Posted on Aug 29th, 2009

    sweet this is nice can’t wait to get it omg.. yuh look so nice in this picture.. you are my role Model one day i wish to meet you

  10. hisprincess_xo  |   Posted on Aug 29th, 2009

    im sooo excited for the perfume to get out. already told my sweetie he better get it for me on vday :) hahaha. im glad you chose the light pink! cant wait to see/smell the final result either!! i wish i could make my own perfume! LOL :)

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