The Diamond Empowerment Fund has brought us to Botswana to show us how
the diamond industry has changed the life of the Botswana people. I
used to assume after watching the movie Blood Diamonds that diamonds
were not acceptable to buy from Africa. However, it is the complete
opposite! When diamonds are purchased, the whole country can survive! In Botswana there used
to be 10 schools but the diamond industry has now funded 300 schools!

We went into the largest diamond mine! It was huge! The trucks they use
to carry the diamonds are 6 million dollars, and each tire is $70,000!
How crazy is that?! Look at how small we look in comparison to the tire!
We saw all the raw diamonds and the process they have to go through in
order to get them ready to be delivered to stores! Thank you DeBeers
for that amazing experience!


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  1. MimiO  |   Posted on Jul 17th, 2009

    Nice info! Did not now most of those facts. Were u able to take some diamonds home?? LOL

  2. Katrina Lomidze  |   Posted on Jul 17th, 2009

    Thats wonderful! Now we can all stop feeling bad any believing the myths about diamonds!

  3. Marie-de-France  |   Posted on Jul 17th, 2009

    Do you go at visit other places otherwise ? The size of the truck is just unbelievable !
    Thank you to share with us your charity travel !

  4. Zahra  |   Posted on Jul 17th, 2009

    You are one lucky women, to have touched a real diamond that comes straight from the ground. Did you manage to make some home?

  5. Bria Marie  |   Posted on Jul 17th, 2009

    Hey Kim!!
    I’ve seen a few people with the “H” belt ur wearing. I was wondering who makes it???

  6. kiwi-gurl  |   Posted on Jul 17th, 2009

    Hi Kim…

    Just wondering if you’re planning a visit to New Zealand? Also, can we have some tips to get the amazing long waves/curls you achieve with your hair.

    Ka Kite… (Maori for Bye in New Zealand) xox

  7. Hey Kim
    Thanks for uploading so many pictures I love themm :D

  8. NatashaFashion  |   Posted on Jul 17th, 2009

    Heyy Kim.You are one lucky girl:)I wanna see a pure real diamond from the ground 2.. I often hear that I look like you, and thats awsam, cause you look stunning..allways;) I have just started to blogg myself ,

    XOXO <

  9. Lala  |   Posted on Jul 17th, 2009

    This must have been an awsome experience! Did you take some diamonds home??? LOL

  10. Ashley   |   Posted on Jul 17th, 2009

    looks like you guys are having a amazing time!!! your looking gorgeous as always…

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