We sometimes forget how lucky we are to live in a democracy and I think
we often take our freedoms for granted. Unfortunately, not all
countries run like ours, and not all people have the freedom to say
what they think, wear what they want, choose their religion. I don’t
tend to get into politics that much and I’m a total workaholic, so I’m
always busy, but I try to keep up on the news (Twitter helps!) and I
even received an e-mail from an Iranian-American fan who wanted to
spread awareness of what’s going on in Iran. As an Armenian-American, I
definitely feel this is something that should be addressed.

you’ve seen any of the shocking videos online of the police violence
against the protesters (I’ve seen pics but I can’t bring myself to
watch the videos) you’ve seen how the Iranian people are protesting for
what they believe in, fighting for their freedoms and being brutally
punished and attacked for it by police. This kind of violence against
innocent civilians is sickening. President Obama said he was appalled
by what was going on and honestly, how can you not be?! Shima, my fan
who e-mailed me, said that the Iranian government is bringing in
officers from outside of Iran to silence the protesters because Iran’s
own guards are refusing to hurt their own people. I admire these
Iranian guards for standing up for themselves, and I admire the Iranian
people for fighting for their freedoms.

Some people think we
shouldn’t meddle with other country’s politics, but I don’t think it’s
about enforcing our own beliefs on them, it’s about helping people
fight for what they want for their own country. In our country protests
and demonstrations happen everyday, peacefully. We are ssooo lucky to
have the right to speak up for ourselves and for what we believe in. I
just hope the people or Iran will some day soon have the right to do
the same.


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  1. bebehoney89  |   Posted on Jul 3rd, 2009

    kim sweetie evene though you are not arab you are white yes to all those out there thats what aremians are . we just look ethnic to set you straight . you doing a good thing keep it up.

    • setareh28  |   Posted on Jul 6th, 2009

      Shut up, Iranians are not even Arabs. You have to be really culturally ignorant to not know that. Iranians are Persian. AKA: We speak Persian. Not Arabic. Get it? PS: Everyone in the Middle East is Caucasian, Armenians aren’t the only “whites”

      • bebehoney89  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2009

        hey i said kim was duin a good thing so get that straight . No i did not know about iranians but you dont need to be so fuckin abrasive if you even read any of my other blogs you would seen i proud represents the armenian community period. so chill

      • bebehoney89  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2009

        also thank you for educating further , iam sure it is annoying , i mispoke i am just sick of people calling her arab and assuming that, i am sorry if i offend you and i assuming your iranian and i really respect you speaking in any forum

  2. nursemel1979  |   Posted on Jul 29th, 2009

    Thank you for speaking up about Iran. My friend and I have free iran bracelets, and we are trying to find prominent figures to wear them, so we can bring attention to the human rights of iran. Would you be interested? Thank You,

  3. Dorsa  |   Posted on Jan 12th, 2010

    Dear Kim!you are my favorite celebrity of all the time!i keep watching your tv shows and i cant get enough of you.just wanted to THANK you for having this post in your website.it really mean a lot to me and all the other Iranians.Much Love xoxo

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