Last night I went to Fresno! My cousins Krista
and Kara live there and I was so excited to see them. I brought
Jonathan along for a good laugh! He literally can make me laugh no
matter what we are doing! Bob Shapiro and Brian Lee along with the whole Shoe Dazzle team chartered an amazing plane and we headed out to Fresno! We went to a new club opening called Edge and it was beautiful! So many
people came out to support! Shoe Dazzle sponsored the party and so did
the Brent Shapiro Foundation, for drug and alcohol abuse. The proceeds for the night went to the foundation, which made the night
even more that special. If you guys haven’t checked out, you’ve got to see all of the new styles! 

Stephen Moleski glammed me up! He did my hair and my make up! We did a dark smokey eye, I haven’t done that in a while, it was HOT!


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  1. cashmere  |   Posted on Jun 20th, 2009

    You don’t look sick at all. Jonathon however does.

  2. Manda8301  |   Posted on Jun 20th, 2009

    SO how did you like Fresno? Frm ur twitter page you were only here for like 2 hrs. I was soooo bumbed i was on mega broke stasus so i was stuck home. :)

  3. The Man Who Wants to be A Woman  |   Posted on Jun 20th, 2009

    I cant see that you guys are cousin! pretty cool Kim im glad that yall had fun and made some money!
    Luv u Doll!

  4. The Man Who Wants to be A Woman  |   Posted on Jun 20th, 2009

    Man! if youre cousins would lose a lil weight(No Offense) they would be GORGEOUS!!!! im telling u they really kinda look like you

    • NewYorker  |   Posted on Jun 20th, 2009

      Man! if YOU were born a woman(No Offense) u would prob still be UGLY!!!!

      Your a douche bag and that comment is rude.

      Kim you and your cousins are fab!

      • The Man Who Wants to be A Woman  |   Posted on Jun 20th, 2009

        Im just honest honey! They are cute but they woulb b prettier if they lost some weight!.(hate to say it).And even if i was born a woman and be ugly.( like you say so) i would be DAMN HAPPY!

  5. Lucia  |   Posted on Jun 20th, 2009

    Jonathan is busy out on every scene trying to be seen. I swear if his porcelin face is on “Khloe & Kourtney Take Miami” I am turning the channel

  6. LaBellaVita  |   Posted on Jun 20th, 2009

    omg where is the afterparty on sunday in toronto?! i would be HONOURED to meet you, definitely my dream come true!! <3 please let me know!!! <3 u tons, u are my idol and i just got 2 photos of you framed and placed on my wall! <3 u

  7. jackie  |   Posted on Jun 20th, 2009

    you guys are so cute, i LOVE JONATHAN!!! i hope hes on your sister show. hes so funny and you look so pretty

  8. vanessa.ernurse  |   Posted on Jun 20th, 2009

    not sure if you still respond to comments/questions…or if you even have time too!? Just wondering about the color of your nail polish and where you got your necklace?…btw…the workout DVD’s are great :)

  9. I love Keeping Up With The Kardashian you guys are really inspiring i was wondering if there is any way I could ask you some questions when you have time if you could email me i know you are super super busy but if you can please get bak to me thank you!!!

  10. E.W.  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2009

    For the record, I’m no pre-pubescent teen – but you knew that, right? :-P And with all the girls, having names starting in K, Kim, you could Kill the Klan! ;-)

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